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ZWO ASIAir Pro Wireless Imaging Controller


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  • ZWO Camera Controller for your Astrophotography!
  • Preview and Focus in Real-Time.
  • Independent Autoguiding and Imaging.
  • 4x USB Ports: 2= USB 2.0 and 2= USB 3.0
  • Other ports are a Micro SD Card Port and a 5V DC Port.

Product Details

  • The ASIAir Pro hardware is based on the PI4 board and OS has been rewritten for that platform - there will be a code branch to allow ASIAir Edn 1 to continue development in line with ASIAir Pro. USB3.0 is now standard on PI4.

    ASIAir Pro has 64 GB of built-in space and a 64 GB flash drive giving total storage of 128 GB. PI4 has 4 GB of RAM and a new CPU - 30% faster than PI3.

    The unit is now housed in a CNC milled aircraft-grade aluminum housing. The housing will have mounts to allow it to be installed on the finder foot and the finder/guide scope can mount on the ASIAir-PRO. ASIAir-PRO integrates simple power management with 4x DC outlets (3A each to 10A max total) - will be controllable from the ASIAir app (some ports will be PWM controllable for dew controllers).

    It will have a DSLR shutter control line to control the snap socket on many cameras. It will support all the latest cameras and devices such as EAF. New software features for ASIAir-PRO have not been finalized yet - Autofocus/automated meridian-flips, Live stacking, and Auto-Focus are all possible! As ASIAir-PRO is a new software package PI3 boards will not support it - updated versions with non-PRO features will continue to be developed and released.

    Definitely, the old generation of ASIAir will be supported with limited new features and bugs fix. Some features rely on the hardware performance will be only available on the ASIAir PRO. So we encourage users to upgrade to the new-generation to make astrophotography.

    Key Features of the ZWO ASIAir Pro

    Preview & Focus In Real-Time

    The ASIAir Pro can preview images in real-time. It will de-Bayer images from a color camera and automatically white-balance images on the fly. You can also zoom-in on a small area and use the half flux width half diameter graph to perfectly focus your telescope. The ASIAir will also switch between automatic and manual stretching so that you can get the most detail out of your deep space astrophotography images.

    Independent Autoguiding and Imaging

    Autoguiding with a portable imaging setup requires you to bring along a laptop, often with multiple programs installed to both successfully capture images and autoguide. Often with multiple programs installed for image capture and autoguiding. However, the ASIAir is designed to handle both autoguiding and image capture at the same time so you can control everything from a single smartphone or tablet.


    The 32GB TF card comes with ASIAIR PRO software, providing 20GB of free space.

    A 64GB U-Disk is included.

    You may also use any size of storage device you choose.

    Four USB Ports to control up to four devices:

    USB 2.0 Ports: The ASIAir has two USB 2.0 Ports that allow you to control two devices including a German Equatorial Mount.

    USB 3.0 Ports: The ASIAir has two USB 3.0 Ports that allow you to control two more devices including a German Equatorial Mount.



    Mounting your ASIAir Pro device:

    The casing has been designed to be mountable to the dovetail bar on your telescope.



    The casing is made of CNC machined aluminum. ZWO has tested the device and found that the casing should have almost no effect on the Wi-Fi signal. 

    The degree of heating the casing undergoes during use depends on its power consumption. The aluminum should help to dissipate the heat.


    Software: The new ASIAir PRO software has amazing features. Two of these features are Live Stack and Automate Meridian Flip

    At the moment the app, (ASIAir) is only available with iOS/iPadOS/Android, but through some emulators for Apple technology you can try to run the app on these platforms.

    The old generation ASIAir will be supported with limited new features and fixed bugs. Features which rely on the hardware performance will only be available on the ASIAir Pro. ZWO encourages user to upgrade to this new generation for the best astrophotography.


    • Cameras: Compatible with all recent ZWO cameras, as well as some Canon & Nikon DSLRs (with correct shutter release cable).
    • Mounts: Compatible with most equatorial mounts with the correct cable, often a EQDir cable. For a detailed list, please see the ZWO ASIAIR Pro manual.
    • Focusers: The ASIAIR Pro is only compatible with the ZWO EAF.
    • ASCOM/INDI: The ASIAIR Pro is not compatible with ASCOM & INDI drivers, as it is limited to the above.
    • For more detailed information on the ASIAIR Pro's compatibility, please visit ZWO's website or contact us.

    Comparison of 1st Gen vs 2nd Gen

    Manufacturer's Warning: Power output/inputs - DC 12V@5A (minimum Voltage is 11.5V; maximum supported current is 6A) with four output ports; 12V input is recommended and do not exceed 6A.  Too high of a current will cause overheating problems. The Voltage and current power outputs are 12V@3A. The port type for the power outputs is 2.1 x 5.5 mm center positive.

    Manufacturer Software Update (3-16-2020):

    New Features in version 1.4.2-5.01

    • Image Preview: saved images can be preview without using other software on the computer
    • Custom Object: function for not-included objects, personalized framing demands
    • Static IP Address: for wired Ethernet connection, making this more convenient when using Vixen mounts and SkySafari
    • Tracking Rate Selection: sidereal rate, solar rate, lunar rate


    • Optimized automated meridian flip, focus, guiding, GoTo auto-center
    • Enabled the histogram nonlinear stretching by default and removed the switch
    • Added more EXP options in Preview and Live modes
    • External Storage supports exFat and NTFS filesystem format
    • Various bug fixes


  • specifications

    Free ShippingYes
    Max Current6Amp
    Minimum Voltage11.5V
    Ports5V DC
    PortsMicro SD Card
  • included items

    • ASIAIR PRO body
    • DC male 1m cable x 2
    • Finder foot
    • 64GB USB memory stick
    • DC 1.5m male and female cable extension cable
    • DC male 0.5 m cable x2
    • Quick Start Guide
    • USB-RS232 female covert cable
    • USB 3.0 square port 0.75m data cable

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Dave B.
United States United States
A Highly Valuable Piece of Equipment!

There's a newer version out with enhanced wifi, but for my purposes that hasn't been necessary. (I am working right next to the scope, though). Of all the equipment I've bought over the last several years, I think this was the most useful for the money spent. Seriously-- it makes alignment easier, it makes taking pictures easier, really it just makes the process easier! There is a bit of a learning curve, but compared to a lot of other apps this is easy. There are also lots of instructions online and on YouTube (check out Peter Zalinka's channel: That is a review of the new model, but he has others as well that show how to use this specific model. FWIW, I was able to use this with my Canon SL2 camera.

Eddie H.
United States United States
Exceeded expectations

Very happy with it

Jimmy W.
United States United States
It's the Apple of the telescope market.

This purchase made life simple. For those of us that don't wont to spend the first hour of the night making sure everything works and getting multiple different apps to all play well together this is it! Only down side is your locked into ZWO, but since I was already this was a no brainer for me. With a wi-fi extender I am able to set up my scope polar align then go sit in the living room spend time with the family and see everything going on with my scope outside form the I pad. Photos were taken this July in 2021 was out side with asi air pro. The best part was I got to sleep and let the ASI air pro control the scope! No more staying up all night to get several hours of exposure time.

OPT Telescopes ZWO ASIAir Pro Wireless Imaging Controller ReviewOPT Telescopes ZWO ASIAir Pro Wireless Imaging Controller Review
Elliott L.
United States United States
Highly Recommended

I have used the ASIair Pro since May 1st and really enjoy it. I can operate my EQ6-R Pro mount and Canon Ra using my iPad mini 2. The WiFi extender is necessary in order to image from inside my house.

OPT Telescopes ZWO ASIAir Pro Wireless Imaging Controller ReviewOPT Telescopes ZWO ASIAir Pro Wireless Imaging Controller Review
A OPT Telescopes Customer
Tracy L.
United States United States
Oops. :)

From a noob to other noobs.. this system will use your dslr/mirrorless camera as main camera to align polaris. Be sure that your camera is supported before buying this handy device. At this time it does not support sony cameras. I can't use mine as a result of this right now. Though I'm keeping it for future growth into the hobby.

James C.
United States United States
Great addition to my setup NO wires

Great software makes it much easier to go to different targets to sample during a session using to ZWO alignment/plate solving and target catalog.