ZWO ASIair Pro, 120 Mini, & Guide Scope Kit - ZWO-ASIAIRPRO-K2

  • This package includes a high-quality monochrome guide camera well-suited for both planetary imaging and guiding as well as a reliable ZWO finder scope.
  • The ZWO ASIair Pro bundle is designed to make your astro-imaging experience as smooth as possible.
  • Control your entire astronomy setup from your phone with the ZWO ASIair App for Android and iOS.
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ZWO ASIair Pro, 120 Mini, & Guide Scope Kit - ZWO-ASIAIRPRO-K2

The ZWO ASI 120 Mini is a top-notch monochrome guide camera, well suited for both planetary imaging and acting as a guider to amplify the usefulness of other astronomy instruments. Despite being qualified as a 'miniature' camera, it still operates at a high level of performance; with a peak QE over 75%, a typical read noise of only 4.0e, a pixel array of 1280 x 960, and a pixel size of only 3.75 micrometers, it qualifies as a powerhouse despite its small size. It achieves all of this while presenting a small and slender profile, taking up a minimum of space in your imaging train. The interface for this camera is a Type C USB 2.0 port, similar to that found in several mobile phone types.

ASiair Quick Guide


The ASIair Pro WiFi Camera Controller is a smart WiFi device that allows you to control all ASI USB 3.0 cameras, ASI Mini series cameras, and an equatorial mount. With this device, you can plate solve, auto-guide, sequence, and capture deep space images with your phone or tablet!

Key Features of the ZWO ASIair Pro:

Preview & Focus in Real-Time

Independent Autoguiding & Imaging

Autoguiding with a portable imaging setup requires you to bring along a laptop, often with multiple programs installed to both successfully capture images and autoguide. Also, often with multiple programs installed for image capture and autoguiding. However, the ASIair Pro is designed to handle both autoguiding and image capture at the same time so you can control everything from a single smartphone or tablet.

ASIair App

The ASIair app is available for both iOS and Android products. As long as you have a charge, you'll be able to control your entire astro-imaging setup from anywhere.

 OS Version  Phone Tablet/iPad
iOS 9.0 & up iPhone 6 series/ 7 series/ 8 series/ X iPad/ iPad Pro
Android 5.0 & up All Android Phones Tablet with Android OS.

The ASIair App also speaks with the SkySafari apps. You can now plate solve in the ASIair app and sync the mount's position in SkySafari!



SkySafari Plus

SkySafari Plus

SkySafari Pro

SkySafari Pro

ASIair Pro Interface

Four USB Ports to control up to four devices:

USB 2.0 Ports
The ASIair has two USB 2.0 Ports that allow you to control two devices including a German Equatorial Mount.

USB 3.0 Ports
The ASIair has two USB 3.0 Ports that allow you to control two more devices including a German Equatorial Mount.

Micro SD Card Port
The ASIair has one micro SD card port for running the operating system. A 32 GB card with the OS pre-installed comes standard and has 25 GB free for storing images.

5V DC Port
ASIair needs 5V@2.5A external power supply that connects via a micro USB port.

Supported Devices

The ASIair Pro works with all ZWO Pro, Cooled, USB 3.0 and Mini cameras. The standard USB 2.0 ASI 120 cameras are not compatible with this device. We recommend that you look into the ASI 120 Mini as an alternative guider or the ASI 120 Superspeed cameras for planetary imaging.

ZWO has tested iOptron and Sky-Watcher mounts for compatibly. But any equatorial mount supported by SkySafari will work as well.



ADC12 bit
Back Focus8.5 mm
Camera Connection1.25" Nosepiece & M28.5x0.6
Color or MonoMonochrome
Dynamic Range11.2 Stops
Free ShippingYes
Full Rez Frame Rate35fps
Full Well14.5ke
Max Frame Rate224fps
Mega Pixels1.2 mp
MPLess than 2 MP
Peak QE75%
Pixel Array1280 x 960
Pixel Size3.75 microns
PS3 Microns or Smaller
Read Noise6.4e
Sensor Diagonal6 mm
Sensor TypeCMOS
SensorOn Semi AR0130CS
Weight0.992 lbs