ZWO ASI 1600 Monochrome Cooled Camera W/8-31MM FW and LRGB/HA/SII/OIII Filters - Discontinued

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  • Resolution: 16Mega Pixels 4656 x 3520
  • Pixel Size: 3.8 Microns
  • Read Noise: 1.2e at 30db gain
  • Kit Contains ASI-1600 Cooled Monochrome Camera, Filter Wheel, and array of filters
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ZWO ASI 1600 Monochrome Cooled Camera W/8-31MM FW and LRGB/HA/SII/OIII Filters - Discontinued

This kit comes packaged with ZWO's 8X31MM Filter Wheel and a complete LRGB Filter Set accompanied by HA, SII, and OIII filters to slot inside of it, making this a ready to use CCD once you've adapted it for your telescope of choice. The built-in USB hub that is part of the camera body also helps- and is designed so you can link the included EFW directly to it to power it via the same connection that is being used to power the camera itself! Speaking of power, the camera can run without external power in normal mode- that is, without cooling or the filter wheel in use. When using the cooling system, a power supply of 12V at 2.5A is recommended. A battery operating anywhere in the range of 9 to 15V is also acceptable.

As for the cooling system itself? It's a regulated two-stage Thermoelectric Cooling System, capable of pushing at maximum 40 to 45 degrees below the ambient temperature. The Camera itself operates optimally within the temperature range of -5 degrees C to -45 degrees C, and is best stored within the temperature range of -20 degrees C to -60 degrees C. This powerful cooling system complements the naturally low read noise of the camera to further refine the quality of images produced- aiding ZWO in continuing to provide CCD quality at CMOS prices. And that's just one example of how each individual part of this top-notch astronomy camera comes together to produce a truly exemplary whole!

The USB 3.0 interface and USB 2.0 compatibility are both features that ensure extreme highspeed image download times, making it a breeze to move your images from the camera to your computer for post-processing. This also ensures a wide range of compatibility due to the dual compatibility between USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. The USB Hub these connections are located on is conveniently placed at the rear of the Camera for ease of accessibility, positioned perfectly to keep all your cables linking to the same area, helping minimize the wide spread of clutter in your imaging train.

ZWO calls the ASI 1600 their first dedicated DSO imaging camera but also declares it to be suitable for planetary imaging as well. Either way, you choose to utilize it, the ASI 1600 has a very low its low read noise, high resolution, and cooling that helps keep the noise floor as low as possible. 


Color or MonoMonochrome


  • ZWO ASI1600MM-C Camera Body
  • M42-1.25" nosepiece
  • 1.25" Cover
  • 2 m long USB cable
  • USB 2.0 short cable x2
  • T2-1.25" Filter adapter 3mm thickness
  • T2 extender (18.5mm length)
  • Desiccant tablets packet
  • Driver & Extra Software CD (Mac, PC & Linux Compatible)
  • 8 X 31MM" Filter Wheel
  • LRGB Filter Set
  • HA Filter
  • SII Filter
  • OIII Filter