ZWO ASI 120 Color CMOS Telescope Camera-DISCONTINUED

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ZWO ASI 120 Color CMOS Telescope Camera-DISCONTINUED

The ASI120MC Color Astronomy Camera by ZWO is a great all around camera for an incredible price. It can image the moon and planets, it can image the sun with the proper filtration, it comes with a 150-degree lens adapter for "all-sky camera" views, and the ASI120MC is sensitive enough to capture bright deep-sky objects! This camera from ZWO is truly a do-everything camera but at way less than the competition!

The ZWO ASI120MC camera uses a 1/3-inch  CMOS AR0130CS sensor, with a pixel array of 1280 x 960 and a pixel size of 3.75 micrometers. Peak QE is 75-percent, with no fixed pattern noise! An IR-cut window is included that will protect the sensor. A major bonus is the inclusion of a 150-degree wide angle lens adapter! When connected to the camera, you can do super wide angle shots similar to that produced by an all-sky camera. Capture images of the Milky Way stretched overhead, or record the look of the night sky you experienced on a special vacation. With the ZWO Astronomy Camera, you can do it all!

One of the major features of the ZWO ASI120MC camera is its ability to deliver up to 215 frames per second at reduced resolution, or up to 35 fps at full resolution. The wide range of capture resolution settings available with this camera allows you to go from planetary imaging to deep-sky quickly and easily, without the need for another camera.

The beautiful red housing of the ASI120MC is made of aluminum and sports a USB and ST4-type auto guider port. 6.5-foot cables for both are included in the box. The 2-inch interface has M42X0.75 internal threads. A standard M42 to 1.25-inch nosepiece rounds out the package. The underside of the camera has one 1/4-20 thread in its center, and four M4 threads evenly spaced around the outside edge.

This camera comes with a 2 m long USB cable, a 2 m long ST4 guide cable, 1.25-inch IR-cut window, 150-degree wide angle lens adapter, Driver and Software CD, and an M42-1.25 inch nose piece.

Software on the CD includes the users manual, Windows camera driver, ASCOM Driver, Sharp Cap Image Capturing Software, FireCapture Image Capturing software, and Stakkert 2 Stacking Software.



Warning from the Manufacturer:

  • The lens can be screwed in too far, resulting in a scratch on the protective window! Please, adjust it very slowly! Don’t turn it beyond the focus at infinity!
  • The full resolution function of the ASI120 camera requires full 480 mbs USB communication!
  • Mac OSX may not be compatible with this camera, nor may Windows through virtual machine. Windows through Bootcamp is recommended, or use the ZWO ASI120S USB3.0 Camera, which runs well under Mac OSX.



  • Quantum Efficiency: Peak 75-percent
  • Pixel Array: 1280x960
  • 2 Year Warranty!
  • USB 2.0 Interface
  • Pixel Size: 3.5 microns


  • ZWO-ASI120MC camera body with 1/3-inch CMOS color sensor AR0130CS
  • 150-degree Lens Adapter for use as an all-sky camera
  • M42 to 1.25-inch nosepiece
  • 1.25-inch AR window
  • 2 m long USB cable
  • 2 m long ST4 guider cable
  • Quick Guide
  • Driver and Extra Software CD




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  • How do i mount he camera to a reflector. how do i achieve focus?

    Hello and thanks for your question. 
    The camera comes with a standard 1.25" slip fit nosepiece that will allow you to slip this into most telescopes with an 1.25" adapter or drawtube. The focus is acheved the same as with an eyepiece by rotation of the focusing mechanisim. If you are using a reducer you will need some specific adapters which we would recommend calling our staff to assist with.  

  • dost this camer work w with windows 10

    Yes it will work well with Windows 10.

  • Can I use this camera for guiding?

    Yes, it can. However, the monochrome version of this camera will work significantly better for autoguiding.

  • Will I need any computer programs to interface this through?

    Good afternoon and thanks for asking. My favorite, and free, image capture app for ZWO cameras is Firecapture. It may seem a little complex at first but you should give it a try.

  • On which windows laptop will it work?

    The most current ZWO driver will work on everything from Windows XP 32/64 bit through Windows 10 using the DirectShow camera driver.

  • Will this camera work with Windows 10 64 bit operating system?

    Yes, the current ASCOM drivers for this camera work on Windows 10 64bit.

  • Is the camera drivers compatible with Windows 10?

    Yes! As of the release of driver V2.5.7.6 (July 6th, 2015), Windows 10 is supported.

  • I read where there might be some compatibility troubles plugging this USB2 camera into a USB3 port (even though USB3 is supposed to be backward compatible). Is this still an issue or has ZWO overcome the problem?

    Most of the issues reported were actually the reverse of this - where the USB3.0 cameras had issues with USB2.0 ports. Except for one case a year or so ago where a customer's laptop where had a bad USB3.0 port or driver (it wouldn't talk to a USB 3.0 cam

  • Can this camera be hooked up directly to a DVR w/o the use of a computer and if not, do you have any cameras that would work that way?

    Unfortunately, this camera requires a computer to power the camera and collect data, but OPT does sell a couple types of video cameras that send images over RCA video cables. These cameras could connect to a DVR that has the correct input, though you wou

  • How do you compare the color version wzo asi 120MC and the black & white version wzo asi 120MM for guiding ? What should I expect in terms of guiding star magnitude with a 8 " SCT using a Lumicon OFF-axis guider with one of those cameras? Thank you

    The monochrome version is approximately 4x as sensitive and has ~1/2 the noise due to no Bayer Matrix, so that translates to 8x or ~ 2.3 magnitude difference in detecting faint guide stars. Generally, if you bin 2x2 and take 5 second guide exposures, you

  • What RAM and drive space are required to operate the camera & software (both capture and analysis)?

    The more, the better really, but for fastest frame rate you should really have at least 8GB of ram to prevent lagging or frame dropping. At full data rate (~35 frames/second at 1280x960) in uncompressed 8 bit format, you will need ~6-8GB of hard drive sp

  • I have an old LX90 Meade Telescope what other accesories or adapters I need to purchase to use this CCD camera with my telescope?

    The ZWO ASI120MC cameras include a 1.25" nosepiece that will drop right into a diagonal where a 1.25" eyepiece would go and the cover glass is IR blocked, so there are no accessories that are absolutely required, but a 2x-3x barlow can be helpful to get o

  • I have two questions: (1) Can the 150 degree All sky Camera be used at a Schmidt Casegrain prime focus? (2) Can the color camera and autoguiderbe used together simultaneously?

    This camera can be used at prime focus with an SCT telescope. You will need to remove the 150 degree lens while using it at prime focus. The camera and guider can not be used at the same time. It can only be used to either capture images or autoguide.

  • what does open box mean and how does it affect the warranty? Anything missing? Greg Riffle

    Open box means that the scope is in like new condition with a full warranty. Unless stated, all original accessories should be included.

  • is this a color or monochrome astronomy camera?

    The ASI120MC is a color CMOS camera. The ASI120MM is the monochrome version.

  • Does this work on Mac OS X?

    The only ZWO camera that has drivers available for the Mac is:

  • What are the system requirements for the ZWO ASI120MC Color Astronomy Camera?

    System requirements are: Windows XP 32bit/64bit, vista, Windows 7 32bit/64bit, Windows 8 32bit/64bit With a USB 2.0 connection.

  • Hello, is it possible to hook this up to an ipad?

    ZWO does not provide driver support for the ipad at this time.

  • Can the images from this camera be posted easily to Facebook or shared in an email?

    Not directly through ZWO software, however individual images can be saved in .jpeg format or if you are stacking multiple frames or an .avi video file you can download RegiStax 6 for free online and output a stacked and processed image as a .jpeg, which c

  • Are Linux drivers available for the ZWO camera line?

    A Linux SDK for software developers is available on the manufacturer's website on the Downloads page, but there are no additional Linux drivers noted. All of the standard software is for Windows.

  • Can this all sky cam be used on a table, without a telescope? As in viewing meteor showers? Milky way, etc, etc??

    Yes. I use the monochrome ASI120MM as an All Sky camera in my observatory bolted onto a ball head connected to shelf on a desk, and I can do time lapses of the Milky Way as well as watch my scope track through the sky. The camera has a 1/4"-20 tapped hole

  • Hi. Does this package include the 150 degree all sky camera? Your description says all sky adapter....Dino 

    Yes, the color ASI120MC camera comes with the 150 degree fisheye eyepiece included.

  • I ordered this camera and got a few days ago. According to the description of this item, the 1.25" IR-cut filter should be included, but I can not find this. Can you check whether the 1.25" IR-cut is included, or whether this is already built-in?

    The camera window glass included inside the color ASI120MC camera has IR-cut coatings on it. No external filter is needed.

  • Has anyone had success using this camera driven by a tablet with USB 3.0 via a microUSB-USB OTG cable?

    We have not had any feedback from customers doing this so far. The tablet would need to be running a variant of Windows that could run the camera drivers properly, and you might see a loss in speed based on the processing power of the tablet. Also, the mi

  • I love this camera and I'm considering it seriously. Alot of great comments about it online groups/blogs, but in your best opinion if you had to put it up against another ccd camera of equal, similar spec, quality and sensor what would the camera(s)

    The only camera that is all that similar to this is the Orion All-in-One camera, but the ZWO camera beats it in price. Other than price and the focal length of the included lenses, the specs of

  • Is the minimum exposure really 64 seconds?

    No, the minimum exposure is 64 microseconds (0.000064 seconds). Except for solar or lunar imaging with large scopes, you would rarely use exposures below 0.0001 second. The website has been updated to correctly reflect this.