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Vixen VMC260L w/ FeatherTouch Focuser - DISCONTINUED

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Vixen VMC260L w/ FeatherTouch Focuser - DISCONTINUED

The Vixen VMC260L f/11.5 Modified Cassegrain Reflecting Telescope OTA: Like the popular Schmidt-Cassegrain, the Vixen VMC260L is a true all purpose telescope. Despite its long focal length, the tube is only about 50 cm (20-inch) long. As a result the instrument is very portable. With its large 260 mm (10.23-inch) aperture, the Vixen VMC260L collects enough light for serious visual and photographical applications of both the planets and the deep sky.

Vixen's special Catadioptric design consists of two mirrors and two corrector lenses, one of which is a meniscus lens. The corrector lenses, placed in front of the secondary mirror, virtually eliminate spherical aberration and field curvature. Focusing is through primary mirror movement. The VMC has very good contrast. It is an excellent telescope for observing globular clusters, double stars and distant planets. With its open tube the telescope cools down quicker than an SCT or classical Maksutov-Cassegrain.

Another strong point of this telescope is its capability for high-grade astroimaging. The meniscus correcting lens offers a large, corrected field. With the optional reducer you get shorter exposure times. The basic configuration already contains a piggy-back camera holder. You can then take photos through the telescope, using a telephoto lens parallel to the main instrument, or you can use the VMC260L for guiding while the camera sits on top.

Manufacturer Product Number:5830FT