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Vixen DD-3 Dual Axis Controller - DISCONTINUED -

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Vixen DD-3 Dual Axis Controller - DISCONTINUED -

Vixen DD3 Dual Axis Controller

This is a hand controller that also functions as a Drive Corrector, intended for use with Vixen's 3752 model MT-1 Motor Drives. These are compatible with the current Vixen Great Polaris, Great Polaris D2, and Great Polaris Economy German Equatorial Mounts and on telescopes using these mounts. It is also compatible with the optional MT-1 on older Super Polaris and Super Polaris DX mounts and scopes. The DD-3 Dual Axis controller improves the accuracy of the MT-1 Motor Drive to within +/0.005% of the sidereal rate, an impressive improvement that greatly aids your astronomy pursuits while making use of such devices. The DD-3 Dual Axis controller will run for roughly twenty hours on 8 D batteries.

Manufacturer Product Number: 37911