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Vixen CCD Video Camera: C0014-3M

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Vixen CCD Video Camera: C0014-3M

This highly sensitive color CCD camera from Vixen is designed specifically for auto-guiding when used with the Starbook 10/Advanced unit. It is capable of working in conjunction with the Starbook 10 to autocalibrate your mount in less than a minute, letting you proceed to take well guided astro-images. It's an easy to use combo that will greatly ease and expedite your night time astro-photography sessions, and is lightweight and highly portable to boot. This tiny CCD color video camera from Vixen also boasts such features as AUTO IRIS support:DC-IRIS, IR-Cut Filter ON/OFF/AUTO, BLC, flipping, zooming, and an automated Electronic Shutter. It must be used in conjunction with a C to T-Ring adapter if you wish to attach it directly to Vixen's flip mirror system.