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Used Shoestring Astronomy GPUSB Interface Box - UT-12888 -SOLD-

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Used Shoestring Astronomy GPUSB Interface Box - UT-12888 -SOLD-

This device plugs into the USB port of a PC or laptop computer, or a USB hub. and creates signals that can be used by the guide port (sometimes referred to as a CCD port) of many types of telescopes. Third-party autoguide software that supports this product must be used as part of your autoguide system. This guide port interface offers many advantages over using a relay box: it is small, requires no power source, and you don't have to worry about getting it wired up. An RJ-12 cable is all that is needed to go from the interface adapter to your guide port.

This adapter uses optocouplers to provide electrical isolation between your computer and your telescope electronics. This helps avoid possible ground loop and noise pickup problems that can be difficult to debug.


manufacturerShoestring Astronomy
Warranty90 Day Covered By OPT