Used Celestron SkyPortal WiFi Module - 11508 - SOLD -

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  • Allows remote control from hand held devices


Used Celestron SkyPortal WiFi Module - 11508 - SOLD -

The innovative Celestron SkyPortal WiFi Adapter takes the technology behind their cool SkyPortal app even further by activating a wireless control feature for most computerized Celestron telescopes. More than merely enabling completely wireless operation (including telescope alignment) , the SkyPortal Link 2 will allow you to automatically slew the scope to an object with a simple tap on your iPhone/iPad planetarium interface. And a SkyTour feature will even generate a list of the best stars, galaxies, and nebula to see based on the user's time and location.

Compatible with Celestron's SkyPortal app available for Apple and Andoid devices. Containing 100,000+ objects, SkyPortal combines gorgeous astroimages and audio descriptions for a fully immersive observing experience. A Sky Tour feature will generate the very best deep sky objects to observe based on your location, date and time.

Celestron SkyPortal WiFi Adapter Highlights
    • The SkyPortal provides you with complete wireless control of your Celestron telescope
    • Align your telescope wirelessly using your iPad or iPhone
    • A planetarium-style screen allows you to send your telescope to any object displayed by simply taping on that object.
    • Not sure what to look at? The Sky Tour function creates a list of all the best stars, galaxies, and nebulae up that night.
    • The SkyPortal does not require any batteries; it plugs into the Aux port on your telescope.
  • SkyPortal works with NexRemote as long as you download the latest version and SkyPortal Installer on the Celestron website.
Telescope Models Compatible with the SkyPortal Adapter

    SkyPortal is compatible with the following Celestron mounts:

    • Advanced VX
    • CG-5 (requires compatible cable)
    • CGE Pro
    • CGEM
    • CGEM DX
    • CPC
    • LCM
    • NexStar Evolution
    • NexStar SLT
    • NexStar SE
    • SkyProdigy (no automatic alignment)


    Module TypeWifi Module
    Warranty90 Day


    • Skyportal wi-fi device
    • Original box and packaging

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    • I want to use the Redshift-Pro-App on the IPAD in order to controll my Telescop with this Wifi-Adapter. Question 1: Can i make a WIFI-Connection with my Hous-WLAN? Question2: Witch Port-Nr. use this Adapter for the WLAN-Connection?

      Unfortunately, the SkyQ Link 2 will only work with the Celestron SkyPortal App, and at this time it is not compatible with apps from other manufacturers. The device generates its own WiFi network and your device connects to that, not to a WLAN connection

    • Is the CELESTRON SKYQ LINK 2 WIFI ADAPTER compatable with a CGE1100?

      Hello Jim Whitfield, I have a few questions to ask before giving my final answer. Do you have a CGE mount or CGE Pro mount? Do you have the SkyQ 2 Link WiFi adapter? Just to clarify, both the CGE line and SkyQ link WiFi adapter line have been discontinu

    • Hello! What is the difference between the SkyQ Link 2 and the SkyPortal WiFi Module? I would like to add wireless capability to my Meade ETX-80. Do you know if this is possible using one of these to adapters?

      The Sky Q Link is the device and Sky Portal is the App, but neither of these will work with the ETX-80. You can, though, buy a Meade Audiostar controller and then connect using a Southern Skies SkyFi adapter. Please contact us if you have questions abou

    • Hi there. What is this compatible cable needed for CG-5 mounts? Where can I get it? Do you sell it? Can you explain the reason for such cable? Thank you very much.

      You will need this item to connect the SkyQlink to a CG5 GT: It is needed because the CG5 GT does not have a spare Auxiliary port.

    • Can I use it with Celestron CGE Mount?

      No it will not work with the CGE Mount, the Sky Q Link is designed to work only with the following mounts: Advanced VX CG-5 (requires compatible cable) CGE Pro CGEM CGEM DX CPC LCM NexStar Evolution NexStar SLT NexStar SE SkyProdigy (no automatic alignmen

    • I want to use this as my guidescope with my Celestron CGEM DX Edge HD 1100. Which dovetail or universal mount will fit on my tube and fit these rings?

      You can use either a LO-DC11, AA-DC11 or Celestron's CE-94219 plate. The Celestron plate is the least expensive of the three. All 3 mount to existing holes (covered by screws) on top of the optical tube. The clamps on the rings for the guidescope wil

    • what software could you use with a windows laptop and do the same features? 

      Generally, it is much easier to use a wired connection with a Windows laptop. You would need the RS-232 cable for your particular manufacturer and mount and then a USB to RS-232 adapter. Most mounts do not have wireless connections currently for Windows O

    • What is the difference between SkyQ link and SkyQ link 2

      The difference between the two according to the manufacturer is essentially the cosmetics of the two devices. All else being the same. Keep in mind that everything is now run off of the Celestron Skyportal App which is available for both iOS & Android.