Thermo k'Night Heated Vest - Large

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Thermo k'Night Heated Vest - Large

Thermo kŸ???????????Night Heated Clothing for Comfortable Viewing Any Time of Year!

Thermo kŸ???????????Night uses a patented carbon fiber-type heating element to provide longer wavelengths of heat energy with lower power consumption. When you wear Thermo kŸ???????????Night heated clothing, it means you can stay outside in the cold longer, and with less weight than more conventional heated clothing. Thermo kNight clothing is durable and environmentally friendly.

The advanced construction process used to make Thermo kNight heated clothing includes infra-red technology to warm you faster and better. Normal heated clothing reaches only the surface, but infrared heating warms deeper, allowing you to get warm quicker and stay warm!

Thermo kŸ???????????Night Heated Vest for All Night Comfort!

The Thermo kNightŸ????????????????????? AA battery-powered Vest is made from plain-weave stretchable fabric which offers 4-way stretch comfort, breathability and light wind protection. Increases your core body temperature to keep you warm even in the coldest of climates, it also provides modest water repellent finish to resist moderate rain and wind. The construction makes it warm, light and ideal for all-purpose outerwear, and sleek enough to layer. Heating system features comfort control allowing the heating area to be used intermittently as you need. All Thermo kNightŸ????????????????????? clothing features the revolutionary heating technology to enable you to create your own personal micro-climate because nothing should come between you and your adventure - not even Mother Nature.


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  • How does it how many double AA's does it use?  how long are the batteries good for, in keeping the vest warm?  how do you control the heat level?

    The Thermo K'night vest requires 6 AA Batteries. The Manufacturer states that it will last 3-7 hours depending on the temperature setting.