TEC 200mm f/8 Triplet Refracting OTA Telescope

  • Oiled triplet design for ultra-efficient use of light
  • Retractable dew shield for ultra portability.
  • Round edged baffles reduce turbulence.
  • Feathertouch focuser with an 18-pound capacity!
  • All telescope components are made and assembled in the USA.
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TEC 200mm f/8 Triplet Refracting OTA Telescope

The 200mm FL is a giant 8-inch refractor with the same excellent quality optics, design, and workmanship that TEC is known for. The images are crisp, bright and high in contrast! The TEC 180mm APO ED is an excellent choice for the astrophotographer or visual observer. Beautifully clear, high contrast and crisp oil-spaced optics are only improved by the use of Calcium Fluorite internal optics and BBar high-efficiency coatings on the outer surfaces. While you have an enormous 8-inches of aperture, the 200mm FL is still portable weighing only 50 pounds and 58-inches long.

Paired with awesome optics, is the 3.5" rotating Feathertouch focuser. Widely known and highly popular among both observing and imaging astronomers for precision and quality performance. The focuser is a new design by TEC with a specialized 10:1 focus reduction and features a coarse and fine focus adjustment. A 2-inch collet style eyepiece holder has been included to securely hold your eyepieces in place. The focuser also has an 18-pound load capacity to accommodate your imaging and viewing equipment.

TEC produces all of their telescopes in very closely controlled batches which allows them to maintain an extreme level of quality control. Because they work on one model at a time and each run is done in predetermined quantities, they are able to accurately schedule deliveries. We highly encouraged customers put in their order as early as possible as runs often sell out and waiting to place an order could result in a longer waiting period. We also recommend getting all your TEC accessories at the same time so that the can be delivered in the same crate.

Warranty Information: All TEC products carry a lifetime warranty! If TEC made it or if it came with your telescope, then TEC will guarantee that it is free from defect or fault under normal use. The warranty is also fully transferable to all future owners.

NOTE: Because this is a custom product, we will not accept returns on this product, and deposits are non-refundable. Thank you for your understanding.


Aperture200 mm (8")
Camera/Eyepiece Connection2"
Dawes Limit0.58 arcseconds
Focal Length1600 mm
Focal Ratiof/8
Glass TypeFluorite (middle) + 2 other
Highest Magnification400x
Light Gathering Power816x
Limiting Magnitude15.3
Optical DesignTriplet
Tube Diameter210mm
Tube Length14170mm
Tube Weight50 lbs