SBIG-STXL-16200 Ultimate Package C2

  • Please note: This is a Class 2 camera system.
  • The ultimate imaging package, complete with a camera sensor specifically designed for astrophotography, self-guiding filter wheel, LRGB & Narrowband filter sets, and SBIG's Advanced Optics technology.
  • Also includes free MaxIm LT software license, a $200 value!
  • Peak QE: 56%
  • Bit Depth: 16
  • 41,000 Pixel Full Well Capacity.
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  • Regular price $12,749.00

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SBIG-STXL-16200 Ultimate Package C2

Please note: This is a Class 2 camera system.

SBIG has packaged their STXL 16200 with additional separate items into this Ultimate Package, and it includes the camera itself! Also included are an AO-X adaptive optics unit, an FW8G-STXL Self-Guiding 8-Position Filter Wheel, a set of four 50 mm round Baader (LRGB) filters, and a set of three 50.4 mm Baader (Ha, SII, and OIII) narrowband filters.

SBIG has packaged their STXL 16200 with additional separate items into this Ultimate Package, and it includes the camera itself! AO-X adaptive optics unit, FW8G-STXL Self-Guiding 8-Position Filter Wheel, set of four 50 mm round Baader (LRGB) filters, set of three 50.4 mm Baader (Ha, SII, and OIII) narrowband filters,   

The SBIG STXL supports up to 35 mm format CCD sensors. This camera includes high sensitivity, 16 megapixel CCD with 6-micron pixels.

The STXL has two-stage cooling with deltas up to Negative 60-degrees C is water cooling ready and includes Ethernet and USB 2.0 computer interfaces. Many innovations for serious imagers have been designed into this professional camera.

Highlighted Features of the SBIG STXL 16200 CCD Camera

  • USB 2.0 and Ethernet in each camera
  • Web browser control ready
  • Two-Stage TE Cooling
  • Cooling Delta up to -60 C with Air Only
  • 12V DC operation (9 to 14V DC)
  • Self-guiding in front of filters
  • Full frame image buffer
  • Self-Guiding in front of the filter wheel
  • Optional Remote Guide Head
  • Photometric shutter for large arrays
  • Variable-speed fan
  • Quick Disconnect Water Cooling Ready
  • User Rechargeable Desiccant Plug
  • Opto-isolated Relays for Telescope Control
  • Tracking Relay LED Indicators
  • Power Management LED Indicators

USB 2.0 and Ethernet Interface

The STXL series has both USB 2.0 and Ethernet interface capability for the greatest versatility with a variety of computer systems. Users do not have to choose between the two. The Ethernet interface makes control of the camera over a network easy and less expensive than requiring a local computer to be controlled remotely. Moreover, the camera has a built-in web server. Also, with Ethernet, no camera drivers need to be installed.  The STXL camera has a built-in web server that can be accessed from any browser.

Superior Cooling

SB-STXL16200-ULTIMATE-3The STXL uses an innovative pin fin heat sink. This design is the most efficient for dissipating heat per given volume, and while it is more expensive than typical parallel fin heat sinks commonly round elsewhere, it provides superior performance and minimizes size and weight at the same time. This is one of the reasons the STXL camera weighs less than other cameras with similar cooling performance. The new heat sink is an optimized design for this camera using a large custom pin fin heat sink mated directly to the hot side of the 2 stage TE cooler to achieve maximum heat dissipation with a single large fan. In less than 5 minutes the STXL achieves a delta of -60 C using air cooling only.


Water Circulation Ready

While the design is aimed at sufficiently cool without water assist, it is possible to use water instead of air or in addition to air for optimum cooling. Using water instead of air will not require the use of a fan.

Even-illumination Shutter


Since the early days of the original ST-7 camera, SBIG has been providing even-illumination shutters in our cameras - something not found in most other astrophotography cameras. “Even-illumination” means that the shutter mechanism is designed to open and close in such a manner that it does not change the proportion of light falling on the sensor due to the shape or motion of the shutter itself. This is what one finds for instance with an iris type of shutter that opens-up starting at the center and closes over the center last.



User rechargeable desiccant

In order to allow the user the greatest flexibility in the field, and to avoid having to return the camera to the factory in order to purge the CCD chamber, we have designed the chamber to accept a rechargeable desiccant plug.

Full Frame Image Buffer

The STXL series cameras have a full-frame image buffer for storing image data during download. This prevents the possible corruption of the image due to processing delays in the main computer during download.

Variable Speed Fan


If the user desires air cooling only, the fan speed is controllable through software. Variable speed control allows the user to “tune” to fan to eliminate any resonance with the user’s telescope thus suppressing harmonic vibrations.




I2C AUX Port

The STXL cameras have a convenient I2C AUX port, which controls all accessories including filter wheels and AO-8T Adaptive Optics accessories.

Tracking Relay LED indicators

SB-STXL16200-ULTIMATE-5This handy set of 4 LEDs will tell you at a glance if the camera is issuing corrections to the mount in +X, -X, +Y, or -Y directions during an imaging session.




12V DC Operation

The STXL will internally regulate a 12V DC supply so that the camera can be connected directly to any unregulated source such as a car battery. Four power LEDs indicate if the supply Voltage drops to 11, 10, or 9 Volts and when it is "good." Operation of the camera is possible with a supply Voltage of 9.1 to 14Volts DC. Other LEDs indicate camera status and operation of the relays during guiding.

FW8G-STXL and Guiding

Included in this package is the FW8G-STXL self-guided filter wheel. The FW8G-STXL filter wheel provides integrated self-guiding in front of the filters.  It connects directly to the Guide Head port on the STXL camera, which provides all power and control signals.  This provides a convenient, integrated package and minimizes mount cabling.

The SBIG FW8G-STXL is an 8-position self-guiding filter wheel for STXL series cameras.


  • Micron-Precision filter positioning
  • Built-in self-guiding CCD in front of the filters
  • Repeatable filter positioning to better than a pixel
  • Holds eight 50 mm round unmounted filters



Self-Guiding in Front of the Filters


Self-guiding has long been acknowledged as the best, most accurate way to guide long-exposure astrophotos, particularly with commercial SCTs. The single most common complaint, however, is finding bright stars when guiding through dark or narrowband filters. The STXL filter wheel incorporates a KAI-0340 CCD with 640 x 480 pixels at 7.4 microns inside the front cover of the filter wheel so that the guider picks off light from the guide stars before passing through the filters.  This guiding CCD is the same sensor used in the ST-I autoguider.  Moreover, the optical elements that transfer the light from the pick-off mirror to the CCD act as a 0.7x focal reducer, like the OAG-8300 configuration.  The result is a doubling of the field of view of the guiding CCD with a correspondingly greater selection of guide-stars.

There are two smaller adjustment knobs on the filter wheelbase: one for focus and one for moving the pick-off mirror to avoid vignetting.  A larger knob on the side of the filter wheel locks the adjustments in place once the best focus is achieved.  A short cable is provided to connect the filter wheel guider to the remote guide head port on the camera.  In the event that a Standard filter wheel cover is substituted for using Nikon or Canon EOS camera lens adapters, a remote guide head may be used for guiding instead of the built-in self-guiding CCD.  The Standard and Self-Guiding Filter wheel covers are interchangeable.

Micron-Precision Filter Positioning


Both the Standard and Self-Guiding versions of the STXL filter wheels incorporate the same micron-precision filter positioning mechanism as the STT Series cameras.  When taking flat field frames of filtered images, the flat field frame must show exactly-the-same optical characteristics to be the most effective. If there is dust on the filter or uneven illumination caused by the filter, this must be positioned exactly-the-same every time, or the flat-field will not be able to remove the image artifact. The STXL filter wheel is designed to provide a new level of accuracy when taking flats through filters by re-positioning filters to within a few microns every time. This allows the system to take extremely accurate flat field frames even after rotating the filter wheel several times, or after a loss of power.




The light frame above, taken with the new filter wheel design, shows a large opaque spot caused by debris intentionally stuck on a clear filter.  The filter wheel was rotated several times, then the clear filter was re-positioned, and a flat field image was taken through the same dirty filter.  The image below shows the result after applying the flat field image to the original light frame. SBIG measured this positional accuracy to be better than 5.4 microns, or better than a single pixel of the STT-8300.



AO-X Adaptive Optics

SB-STXL16200-ULTIMATE-7Also included is the STXL’s AO-X Adaptive Optics accessory.  The AO-X uses a tip-tilt window to quickly and precisely adjust the image position in response to autoguider feedback.  With Adaptive Optics there is no backlash, stiction, or lag, and the movements are precise and accurate.  This allows the AO-X to not only remove the effects of periodic error, drift, and wind gusts, but also reduce the effects of atmospheric seeing.

The SBIG AO-X is a large aperture AO designed to be compatible with all STX and STXL series cameras, including the STX-16803, STXL-16200, STXL-11000, and STXL-6303.  The AO-X requires minimal back-focus while offering a large 3-inch aperture optical element.

The AO-X requires an off-axis guide camera behind the device.  For STXL cameras, the manufacturer recommends using the included FW8G-STXL filter wheel.  For STX cameras, the AO-X stacks on top of the FW7-STX and STX Guider.  The AO-X can also be used with a Remote Guide Head if you have a custom Off-Axis Guider setup.

Telescope mounts cannot correct faster than once per second.  The 10Hz rate of the AO-X will clearly result in an improved resolution under the right conditions.

Filters Included with the SBIG STXL 16200 Camera Package

  • 50.4 mm round filters, set of four: LRGB  (L is UV+IR blocked, all are AR coated, optically polished
  • 50.4 mm Narrowband, set of 3 filters: Ha, SII, and OIII

Included Carrying Case

All STXL cameras include a deluxe carrying case, universal power supply, power extension cable, USB cable, guider cable, and software.


    ADC16 bit
    Back Focus94 mm
    Camera ConnectionM54x0.75 mm
    Color or MonoMonochrome
    Delta T60C
    Dynamic Range12.2 Stops
    Free ShippingYes
    Full Well41ke
    Max Frame Rate2fps
    Mega Pixels16.2 mp
    MP13 to 20 MP
    Peak QE56%
    Pixel Array4500 x 3600
    Pixel Size6 microns
    PS4 to 6 Microns
    Read Noise9e
    Sensor Diagonal34.6 mm
    Sensor TypeCCD
    SensorOn Semi KAF 16200
    Weight5.2 lbs


    • SBIG STXL-16200 Monochrome CCD Camera
    • 8-Position Self-Guided Filter Wheel
    • Adaptive Optics Accessory
    • 50 mm Round LRGB Filter Set
    • 50 mm Round Narrowband Filter Set
    • MaxIm LT Astronomy Software License