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Stellarvue SV125-Access f/7.8 Doublet Refracting Telescope

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  • Aperture: 125mm (4.92 inch)
  • Focal Ratio: f/7.8
  • Focal Length: 975mm
  • Excellent value imaging OTA


Stellarvue SV125-Access f/7.8 Doublet Refracting Telescope

The Stellarvue Access 125 mm telescope is your chance to own a high-performance Super ED Apo at an affordable price! It uses a unique combination of materials to keep the cost down without sacrificing usability. The objective contains an apochromatic doublet using a combination of FPL53 and Lanthanum which will keep your image contrast high, and since every lens is aligned before shipment you can be sure that you’ll be getting color free visual performance, but without the higher price. With the 2.5 inch focuser you’ll be able to handle any combination of diagonal and eyepiece. Also, with the superior design of the rack and pinion focuser, you can be assured of smooth yet stable drawtube travel.

Tube and dew shield: The Stellarvue Access 125 comes with an aluminum tube and dew shield that is finished in Instrument White. Fittings are black anodized aluminum. The dew shield retracts reducing the length of the telescope when being stored. Extending the dew-shield minimizes dewing of the objective at night and serves as a glare shade during the daytime. 

Internal tube treatment: The inside of the main tube assembly is painted "ultra flat black" and is baffled to eliminate tube wall reflections.

2.5" Stellarvue visual/photographic focuser: Our new smooth and stable dual speed, 2.5” focuser will provide a full 2.875" of travel. This focuser is perfect for visual use. The Stellarvue focuser on the SV125-Access is a fully rotating, heavy-duty rack and pinion unit designed to carry a higher capacity. It has an ultra-smooth (10:1 Ratio) fine focus control to attain perfect focus every time. An internal brake system allows the user to adjust capacity. All of the features add up to one of the finest dual speed focusers available today.

Aluminum hinged rings: The Access 125 comes with two lightweight, hinged aluminum mounting rings. Each ring has three screws top and bottom. Threaded holes are 6 mm thread. There is one center hole and two holes spaced 38 mm apart. Use the included rail for telescope mounts using the Vixen style rail or use the optional TP6 for mounts that use the larger Losmandy style rail.

Vixen Style Rail and Balance: The Access 125 comes with a Vixen style rail with a center 1/4-20 hole and several holes and a slot to permit positioning rings for the best balance.

Case: The Access 125 comes with our C130L heavy duty soft case.

Light gathering and magnification power: A 125 mm refractor gathers 319 times the amount of light the naked eye does. Although Dawes limit states maximum power for telescopes under good conditions is about 300 power for a 125 mm telescope, since this is a high Strehl apo refractor you can exceed this power on a steady night. Check the Recommended Accessories section to make the best choice for eyepieces.

Two year warranty and Stellarvue Service: We are with you for life. Stellarvue telescopes and accessories are covered by a two year warranty. But it does not stop there. Since we are a telescope maker, we can repair your telescope for a very nominal fee years after it goes out of warranty, should you accidentally drop it on concrete or otherwise damage it. Buy a Stellarvue Telescope with confidence. Our customer care is legendary.


Telescope Specs:

  • Number of Refractor Elements:2
  • Telescope Aperture: 5" (125 mm)
  • Telescope Focal Ratio: f/7
  • Telescope Focal Length: 875mm
  • Light-Gathering Power Compared to Human Eye: 319x
  • Includes Telescope Case: Yes
  • Focuser Style: Rack & Pinion
  • Focuser Size: 2.5"
  • Focuser Speed: Dual Speed
  • Telescope OTA Length – Retracted: 33.5in.
  • Telescope OTA Diameter: 5.25 in.
  • Telescope Dew Shield Diameter: 6.5 in.
  • Telescope OTA Width: 5.25 in.
  • Telescope OTA Weight with Accessories: 16.6lb.
  • Telescope Warranty Period: 2 years




Aperture125 mm (5")
Camera/Eyepiece Connection2" nosepiece
Dawes Limit0.93 arcseconds
Focal Length975 mm
Focal Ratiof/7.8
Free ShippingYes
glass typeHoya FCD100
Hightest Magnification250x
Light Gathering Power319x
Limiting Magnitude14.2
Optical DesignDoublet
Tube Diameter133mm
Tube Length851mm
Tube Weight16.6 lbs


  • Stellarvue SV125 Access f/7 Super ED APO Refractor
  • 6.5" Fully Retractable Dew Shield with Cap
  • C130L Heavy-Duty Case
  • 2.5" Stellarvue Focuser
  • 2" & 1.25" Compression Ring Adapters
  • Aluminum Hinged Rings
  • Vixen-Style Rail