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Stellarvue R50D - 50mm Finderscope Rings on Dovetail Stalk

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Stellarvue R50D - 50mm Finderscope Rings on Dovetail Stalk

R50D Dual Ring Dovetail Stalk 50 to 60 mm Finderscope Mount

Are you interested in mounting a 50 to 60 mm Stellarvue finder scope to an imported reflector or Chinese focuser? This is the accessory for you.

The 1.18-inch wide dovetail base fits most dovetail shoes found on Chinese focusers (like the ED80) and import reflectors. It will work in dovetail bases that are this size and wider at the base.

Simply attach the quick release dovetail base, insert your finderscope and secure with the non-marring nylon-tipped stainless steel collimation bolts. Once the optics are aligned, you just use the quick release feature at the end of your observing session and the dual ring assembly keeps your collimation secure for the next use.

Image Note:  Telescope, finderscope, diagonal, and eyepiece are shown for use purposes only and are sold separately.

 Stellarvue #R50DA


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