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Stellarvue M1V Alt-Azimuth Mount


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Product Details

  • The Stellarvue M1V is a compact and lightweight alt-azimuth mount head. Weighing in at only 2.5 lbs, it will attach to the column of any heavy duty camera tripod using the standard 3/8-16 thread.

    This is a smooth mount that uses a 2" Teflon bearing and a stainless roller bearing on each axis. The mount comes with a small Vixen dovetail shoe that will work with all standard Vixen style rails.

    Use this head with your camera tripod to provide greater smoothness and stability while panning the night skies or daytime vistas. The head will hold telescopes up to nine pounds, slightly more with the addition of a heavy duty wood or stainless tripod. This is the mount to use with our smaller telescopes including our 70 - 90 mm refractors.

    The mount head is 3.8" high, 4.8" wide and 2.4" deep. The Vixen style spring-loaded dovetail shoe is 3.15" long.

    The black knob and knurled bottom serve as tensioners. Turn these to adjust tension to allow the smoothest movements in both axis. The mount does not use or need slow motion controls.  

  • specifications

    Head DesignAltitude Azimuth
    Mount Head Weight2.5lb
    Telescope ConnectionVixen Style

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