Solar Astronomy Handbook - NOT AVAILABLE -

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Solar Astronomy Handbook - NOT AVAILABLE -

Solar Astronomy Handbook

This book is not, as the name might suggest, about the Sun- but rather it details the many opportunities that an amateur astronomer might have use of to observe the Sun. Solar Astronomy can be said to differ from standard night time observations in many ways- and to possess a number of notable advantages. First most and perhaps most importantly, Solar Observation can be carried out during the day; no more staying up all night to see just the right set of stars, then awaking the next morning too tired to function properly at work. Instead, you can choose to set aside a few hours of your free time during the day to pursue your hobby, and keep your sleeping schedule intact. What is more, there is an abundance of light when practicing Solar Astronomy; rather than actively searching out light to bring in like in traditional Deep Sky astronomy, you actually have to discard much of the light reaching your telescope to focus in on what you're really after. In addition, you can set up your observatory wherever you please; your backyard even, should you so desire. After all, there is no need to escape light pollution for the sake of Solar Asrtonomy. All you need is a clear, cloudless sky and a few minutes- you don't even need a huge, snazzy and expensive telescope. A simple and small model will still show an amazing amount of detail when it comes to Solar Astronomy! As an added bonus, the view is ever changing. The sun is never the same from one day to the next- it's appeareance shifting on a day to day basis as a chaotic ball of flame and gas is wont to do. This particular book on the subject was written and concieved by a group of amateur German observers. Each section was the responsibility of the amateur who had made that aspect of astronomy their speciality. The emphasis of the book is on the practical, covering the kinds of solar astronomy within the reach of most amateurs resources. Soon after publication, it was declared by many to be the standard work on the subject.

  • Practical Guide to Solar Astronomy
  • Written by a variety of amateurs who specialized in various fields