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QHY 8L Cooled Color CCD Telescope Camera

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QHY 8L Cooled Color CCD Telescope Camera

The QHY8L is a cooled one shot CCD camera that uses the Sony ICX413AQ 6.15 megapixel sensor as its light-gathering source. This APS-C sized sensor, with Super HAD technology, has a total active pixel array of 3032 x 2016 and a pixel size of 7.8 micrometers.

The Sony ICX413AQ is a diagonal 28.40mm interline CCD solid-state image sensor with a square pixel array and 6.15M effective pixels. Frame readout allows all pixels' signals to be output independently within approximately 1/3.08 second. Adoption of a design especially suited for frame readout ensures a high saturation signal level. High sensitivity and low dark current are achieved through the adoption of R, G, and B primary color mosaic filters and HAD (Hole-Accumulation Diode) technology.

The QHY8L is a real cooled CCD camera and uses two-stage TEC to do the job. Temperatures can reach as low as -40 degrees C delta T below ambient. Combining this cooling technology with the aforementioned Super HAD technology gives you a clean and low noise image even when taking longer exposures of 30 minutes or an hour. Due to its small size, the QHY8L is suitable for HyperStar imaging.


Vendor Number: 100001



    Anti Blooming SensorYes
    Binning Modes1x1 and 2x2 and 4x4
    Camera Cooling TypeFan/ Built In & Thermoelectric Cooling (TEC)
    Camera SeriesQHY Color Cooled Cameras
    CCD ClassStandard
    Dimensions5.07" L x 2.48" D
    Free ShippingYes
    Front or Back IlluminationFront
    Integrated GuiderIntegrated Guider
    InterfaceUSB 2.0
    MicroLensing Sensoryes
    Pixel Array3110 x 2030
    Pixel Size7.8 microns
    Quantum Efficiency60% @ green & 50% @ blue & Ha
    Sensor DesignInterline Transfer
    Sensor ManufacturerSony
    Sensor TypeCCD
    Shutter TypeDigital
    Single or Dual SensorSingle
    Warranty2 Year Warranty