QHY 29 Cooled Monochrome CCD Telescope Camera



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QHY 29 Cooled Monochrome CCD Telescope Camera

The QHY 29 Monochrome Cooled CCD  Camera uses the latest Truesense interline CCD sensor. This sensor has an electronic shutter for very short exposure times. The QHY29 with KAI-29050 CCD is a full frame (35mm format) CCD. QHYCCD's anti-dew technology and 2-stage TE cooling enable cooling of the sensor to -45C below ambient. This reduces the dark current to less than 0.05e- at typical operating temperatures.

The KAI−29050 Image Sensor is a 29 Megapixel CCD in a 35 mm optical format. Based on the TRUESENSE 5.5 micron Interline Transfer CCD Platform, the sensor features broad dynamic range, excellent imaging performance, and a flexible readout architecture. A vertical overflow drain structure suppresses image blooming and enables electronic shuttering for precise exposure control.

This camera has a built-in USB 2.0 HUB and dual USB to RS232 converter. An external trigger in and out connections are provided at the back of the camera. A guiding camera, mount, and electric focuser can all connect directly to the camera instead of separate connections to the computer. Only one USB cable is required control the whole system for capturing an image. The power socket has a threaded locking collar and the 3-pin aviation socket RS232 port make the system stable and solid. A 4-pin color wheel port is also available to connect a QHY color filter wheel.

Vendor Number: 100051 


ADC16 bit
Back Focus18.5 mm
Camera ConnectionM54x 0.75
Color or MonoMonochrome
Delta T45C
Dynamic Range10.7 Stops
Free ShippingYes
Full Well20ke
Mega Pixels29.6 mp
MPMore than 20 MP
Peak QE43%
Pixel Array6644 x 4452
Pixel Size5.5 microns plus
PS4 to 6 Microns
Read Noise12e
Sensor Diagonal44 mm
Sensor TypeCCD
SensorKAI 29050
Weight1.56 lbs