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PrimaLuceLab EQMOD USB Interface for EQ5, HEQ5, AZ-EQ5, AZ-EQ6 and EQ8


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Product Details

  • EQMOD USB interface for SkyWatcher mounts connects to the hand pad port of the SkyWatcher computerized mounts and the USB port of the computer, so it's the perfect accessory for the remote control with the EAGLE. With this, the mount is directly controlled by the computer (not from the hand pad) allowing you to access advanced features not available with the hand pad such as: automatic execution of mosaics, N stars alignment, etc.

    The connection cable is 2 meter long and it's equipped with software on CD-ROM. Compatible with all Windows (32 and 64 bit) starting from Windows XP and with different planetarium software like Cartes du Ciel.

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