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Orion Soft Case for 180mm MAK

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Orion Soft Case for 180mm MAK

Orion Soft Case for 180mm MAK

This is a high quality soft padded case meant for the 180mm Mak Cassegrain Scope from Orion, and it is certainly a high quality choice as Soft Case's go. Fully padded on all sides, this case is both rugged and durable- a long lasting choice for protection of your scope between observation sessions and on the go! The case is made, as all Orion Soft Cases are, from a heavy-duty, water-resistant polyester/nylon material with padding sewn into the inner lining, and the full-length zipper allows easy access, and the handle straps fit nicely in the hand. All in all, it's a space efficient, durable, and safe model to choose- the padded casing keeping your scope clean, secure, and free of any scrapes or scratches with a forgiving margin of error on your part, due to how the padded, cushioned interior holds your scope and keeps it safe within it's embrace!

Manufacturer Product Number: 15198