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Enjoying a pixel-size upgrade versus the SX-25C model, which boosts the resolution, the Starlight Xpress Trius SX-26C 16MP Color CCD Imaging Camera features a large Sony ICX453AQ SuperHAD CCD sensor with a 6.05x6.05µm pixel size to capture views of the cosmos in stunning 3900x2616 resolution through your telescope or astrograph. Being a color sensor eliminates the need for filter wheels so image capture is faster and easier. An integrated auto-guider output port allows you to easily tether it to your off-axis guider (OAG) to improve tracking accuracy and precision during long imaging sessions.

Its high sensitivity, measuring a 60% peak quantum efficiency (QE) at the 540nm green wavelength with 50% roll-off at 400nm and 650nm, provides an excellent signal-to-noise ratio so there is little background interference and images are cleaner. This is complemented by a low dark signal and exceptional antiblooming. The anodized aluminum housing has natural heat-dissipation properties, and additionally it is argon filled and sealed to help the integrated two-stage thermoelectric cooler maintain the optimal temperature, being capable of cooling the sensor up 35°C below ambient air temperature.

The camera comes outfitted with standard T2 threads on the front for fast, easy, and stable connection to visual backs or drawtubes without the need for complicated adapter systems that can add excessive optical length—so mounting the camera with widely available spacers will allow you to achieve the correct focal distance. Adjustment screws on the housing allow you to set the chip parallel to the focal plane so images remain flat and without distortion. The SX-26C includes two adapters to make mounting easier. First is a 1.25" drawtube adapter for easy mounting into eyepiece holders on many telescopes, and the adapter has standard 1.25" filter threads to refine your image capture. Second is a larger 2" adapter with M42 threads that accept threaded Pentax lenses to use the Trius as a wide-field imaging system without a telescope.

To limit cables and potential interference by excessive cords from other peripherals like auto guiders, the Trius is outfitted with three mini-B USB power ports, so only the 110 VAC power supply cord and USB cable between the camera and the control computer are required. A USB 2.0 computer interface enables fast full-resolution image downloads of about 10 seconds, and it is backward compatible with USB 1.1 but download time will be significantly longer. Engineered for ease of use, it has a compact and lightweight design that is easy to set up and break down on your telescope.

Computer System Requirements

  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 installed
  • One USB 2.0 port available
  • At least 256 MB of memory
  • Between 1 GHz and 4 GHz Pentium processor speed is recommended
  • Minimum of 1024x768 resolution monitor with 24-bit color
  • Recommend good-quality cable with a maximum length of 16.5' (5m). Cables longer than this may require boosters or extra powered hubs


Warranty90 Day Covered By OPT