OOUK Optimized Dall Kirkham Telescope - 500mm

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OOUK Optimized Dall Kirkham Telescope - 500mm

OOUK's ODK 20 Optimized Dall-Kirkham optical tube operates at a focal length of 3400 mm with a Focal Ratio of f/6.8. The ODK 20 has an aperture of 500 mm, or 19.685. The primary mirrors diameter is 515 mm, and the secondary mirrors diameter is 199 mm. Both the primary and secondary mirror use Schott Suprex glass which has been exhaustively tested for maximum quality control and optical clarity. All optical surfaces within this telescope are Hilux coated to ensure the greatest level of optical clarity and lifespan. Like all OOUK Telescopes, the carbon fiber making up the ODK 20 is of the same quality as that used in modern spacecraft and Formula One race-cars. The ODK 20 does not come with a focuser- the focuser must be purchased separately. The compatible focuser that we offer is a Starlight Instruments Feather Touch- SI-FTF3235B-A.

A note from the manufacturer:

"To produce the photo-visual wide, flat field of the ODK range, we have designed and fitted integrally, a corrector lens system. which ensure both colour correction, coma and spherical aberration are optimised to achieve almost a perfect photographic and visual field. Adequate back focus allows all modern CCD cameras to be used with auxiliary equipment. Multi layer anti reflection coatings are applied to all lens surfaces to maintain brighter images.

CNC machined mono construction secondary spider and trim ensures stability in collimation. Our unique collimation adjustment system enables perfect collimation of the secondary mirror to be achieved, quickly and reliably."

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