Messier Card - Laminated - NOT AVAILABLE -

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Messier Card - Laminated - NOT AVAILABLE -

Sky & Telescope - Messier Card

Are you new to astronomy? Interested in running a Messier Marathon? Would like to give a great astronomy present? Looking for new items for public astronomy outreach? Then it's time to consider the Sky & Telescope "Messier Card".

Just because it's inexpensive doesn't mean it's cheap. The "Messier Card" provides an accurate star chart for all 109 Messier Objects and provides a complete set of information on the back side, such as: epoch 2000.0 coordinates, sizes, apparent visual magnitudes, type, constellation, common names, and NGC/IC catalog numbers. Because it's reference material you'll want to use again and again, the heavy card stock is also laminated for moisture resistance.

The Sky and Telescope Messier Card makes a great gift for astronomy club members, handouts for public outreach and the perfect "take along" for those who use binoculars or small telescopes. Don't wait until marathon time to make use of this great astronomy tool!


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