Lunt Sunocular 8X32 (Yellow)

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Lunt Sunocular 8X32 (Yellow)

Lunt Sunocular 8X32 (Yellow)

These are high quality portable binoculars meant explicitly for Solar observation, perfectly sized to fit in an average pocket and splendidly designed to safely observe solar events. With these in hand you can freely observe events such as Eclipses, Planetary Transit, or even Sun Spot activity or magnetic storms, anywhere, anytime. These compact Sunoculars by Lunt are equipped with a pair of frontally mounted fully dense white light light filters, making Solar observation of any kind a hundred percent perfectly safe. What is more, these same filters are precision polished to ensure an impeccable level of quality in your viewing experience.
With quality and craftsmanship typical of Lunt, the premier manufacturer for Solar Telescopes and Accessories of all kinds, these Sunoculars reduce the light of the sun to a comfortable 1x10-5% transmission, as well as completely and safely blocking all ultra-violet and infared components completely- showing the typically high safety standards of Lunt craftsmanship.

Lunt Sunocular 8x32 Features:

  • Filter Type: Internal Dye Filter
  • Prism Type: Roof
  • Magnification: 8x
  • Objective Aperture: 32mm
  • Eye Relief: 13.6mm
  • Adjustable Eyecups
  • Transmission: OD-5
  • Focus Type: Center
  • Weight: 18 ounces
  • Color: Yellow
  • Note: Exclusively for Solar Observation.
  • Note: Picture is of Standard Black Color.


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  • Can any of the 'solar binoculars' be mounted on a tripod with a binocular mounting interface?

    The only solar binoculars that have a tripod mount are the Lunt Sunoculars 8X32.