iOptron Urban 150 f/12 Maksutov Cassegrain Telescope

  • 150 mm Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope
  • AZ Mount Pro Mount
  • Go2Nova 8407 Hand Controller with Sky Safari Control
  • Built-in WiFi
  • 2-Inch Heavy Duty Tripod


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iOptron Urban 150 f/12 Maksutov Cassegrain Telescope

The iOptron Urban 150 GOTO Telescope System is a 150 mm (5.91-inch) diameter, f/12, Rumak-type Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope System. This system is effective under urban light-polluted conditions, is portable for the times when you head out to darker skies, and compact for storage in today's limited living spaces. These were the driving reasons why iOptron created the Urban Observer Series telescope mount packages. These portable, easy set-up GOTO observing systems will serve users well living in or near an urban environment.

The Scope
The Urban 150 featuring an iOptron MAK150, Rumak Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope with a 150 mm (5.91-inch) diameter, at f/12. Maksutov-Cassegrain scopes are known for very high-resolution optics, even comparable to APO refractors at a fraction of the cost. The folded optical design results in a compact instrument optimal for transport and storage. Maksutov telescopes also have a relatively high f- ratio compared to other optical designs, result being a darker background increasing the contrast of a foreground object under less than dark conditions. Less fuss, Mak’s are low maintenance, the closed tube eliminates the need for mirror cleaning and the Maksutov-Cassegrain doesn’t require frequent collimation of the optics.

The Mount
Instrument stability is the key to crisp, clear, detailed, views through any telescope. A solid mount that is compact, portable and easy to set-up is a prerequisite for the Urban Observer series. We chose our industry leading AZ Mount Pro GOTO Alt-Az mounts as the vehicles of support for Urban 150. The AZ Mount Pro mounts have the same reliable GOTO and tracking functions as found in more cumbersome German equatorial counterparts however they are a fraction of the size and weight. On top of the size advantage, our Alt-Az mounts do not require polar alignment and can be set up to track and GOTO without a view of the celestial pole (i.e. a tall building in the way).


New "level and go" AZ Mount Pro mount

  • On board rechargeable lithium ion battery for up to 10 hours of use
  • 33 lb primary payload and 10 lb secondary payload capacity, with a mount weighing only 13 lb
  • Whisper quiet low-power consumption stepper motors
  • Go2Nova 8407 hand controller featuring 212K+ object library with an 8 line illuminated LCD screen
  • Zero backlash driver system
  • Built-in WiFi adapter for full ASCOM, iOptron Commander and Sky Safari wireless control
  • Serial port for computer control and firmware upgrades
  • Retractable counter weight shaft
  • Position memorization at power interruption
  • Die-cast aluminum body
  • 3-Point easy level adjustment on tripod
  • 6-inch dual dovetail saddle (Losmandy/Vixen styles)
  • Built-in 32-channel GPS receiver
  • Automatic position and angular detection sensors
  • Aluminum Hard Case
  • 1x 10 lb counterweight included
  • 100 ~ 240V Battery Charger included
  • 2-inch heavy duty stainless steel tripod included
  • Two year limited warranty ( 90 day for battery)

The 150 mm Maksutov-Cassegrain (MAK150) Telescope

  • Rumak-type Maksutov-Cassegrain optics
  • BK-7 optical glass primary mirror, Rumak-type secondary mirror, and Maksutov meniscus corrector lens
  • Aluminumized and quartz over-coated primary and secondary mirrors
  • Moving primary mirror focusing via a dual-speed focuser
  • Vixen-style dovetail mounting rail
  • 8 x 50 mm straight-through finderscope in a quick-release mounting bracket
  • Twist-lock aluminum dew-shield
  • T-ring adapter included for attaching a camera
  • Adapter Ring for Schmidt-Cassegrain Accessories
  • One year limited warranty



Aperture150 mm (6")
Camera/Eyepiece Connection2" or 1.25" nosepiece
Counterweight10 lb
Dawes Limit0.77 arcseconds
Focal Length1800 mm
Focal Ratiof/12
Free ShippingYes
Head DesignAltitude Azimuth
Highest Magnification300x
Instrument Capacity33 lb and secondary of 10 lbs
Light Gathering Power459x
Limiting Magnitude14.6
Mount Head Weight13lbs
Optical DesignMaksutov Cassegrain
Power Consumption11.1V 4.4AH
Telescope ConnectionDual Vixen & Losmandy
Tube Length552.45mm
Tube Weight13.4 lbs


Package Contents
  • AZ Mount Pro mount
  • 8407 Go2Nova hand controller
  • 10 lb counterweight
  • Controller cable
  • Serial cable
  • 100 ~ 240V battery charger
  • Carrying case
  • 2-inch Tripod
  • Leveling screws (x3)
  • 150 mm Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope
  • Twist lock dew shield
  • Mirror diagonal
  • 25 mm plossl eyepiece
  • 8 x 50 mm finder scope
  • Adapters for 1.25-inch, 2-inch, and SCT accessories
  • One year limited warranty