Farpoint Counterweights for 16" Meade Lightbridge (Set of 3)

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Farpoint Counterweights for 16" Meade Lightbridge (Set of 3)

Farpoint Astro - Three 1.87 lb Counterweights for 16" Meade Lightbridge

Easily balance your Meade Lightbridge with these stainless steel counterweights if you are using heavier eyepieces or other accessories.

The stock Meade Lightbridge telescope is balanced to accommodate a small eyepiece and red dot finder. Once the user begins to add heavier eyepieces and finders, the telescope becomes very front heavy. The Farpoint Counterweight Kit adds approximately three pounds to the rear of the telescope in order to accommodate a wider range of front end accessories. the weights are CNC machined from 304 stainless steel for a superior finish and durability.

These weights replace the push or locking screws on the mirror cell, making them a bolt-on addition. This "core" set properly balances the telescope for use with a large 2-inch eyepiece and a finder scope or Telrad. These weights are sold individually and weigh 1.875 pounds each. Additional clamp-on ring weights that work in conjunction with this set provide additional balance for those who choose to employ heavier accessories such as wide field 2" eyepieces and finder telescopes. The additional weights will allow for the balancing of larger top-end loads (i.e., eyepiece + Telrad + finder scope).

In our tests with a 16" telescope the basic set, plus 1 additional weight nicely balanced a 2" eyepiece, a Telrad and a Stellar Vue finder scope.

Farpoint Astro Product Number: FP310


Counterweights 5 lbs.
Warranty1 Year Warranty