FLI Proline PL16803 Monochrome CCD Camera with 65 mm Mechanical Shutter

  • Perfect for deep sky astrophotography in high-end systems and at long focal lengths.
  • Best-in-class sensor cooling, image download speeds, and noise/artifact reduction technologies.
  • Above 60% quantum efficiency with 9-micron pixels for fast image acquisition and fine detail in your images.
  • Full-frame CCD sensor compatible with 50 mm square filters.
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FLI Proline PL16803 Monochrome CCD Camera with 65 mm Mechanical Shutter

You haven’t seen a perfect image until you’ve taken one using the FLI ProLine 16803 camera. This full-frame, monochrome sensor sets the standard in CCD imaging performance that every model and manufacturer strives to replicate today. Housed in the silent and heavy-duty ProLine camera body, this innovative system is made for heavy-duty 16-bit imaging at massive resolutions with 16.8 megapixels. Experience these full-frame images downloading at extremely fast and customizable rates, with 32 MB images transferring in at little as 1 second! 

On top of it all, the advanced cooling system can operate on standard air cooling or optional liquid cooling to reach temperatures of -55 degrees Celsius. That’s especially impressive considering you can use this camera to power both your guide camera and your filter wheel with ease. Allow yourself to see the professional you can be with the ProLine 16803.

FLI ProLine 16803 Camera Features and Customization

This line of FLI cameras is the flagship imaging system of the manufacturer and made be changes in the industry on their first introduction that are still felt today. These are designed by imagers, for imagers, and with knowledge of how complex and customizable CCD astrophotography can be. 

The customization runs deep, from variable image download speeds, liquid or air-cooling options, multiple shutter size compatibility, and onboard USB power hub all combined with a myriad of imaging optimized features.

ProLine 16803 CCD Sensor and Image Downloads

The 16803 CCD imaging sensor is the evolution of and improvement on the immensely popular KAF-16801 from years prior. Quantum efficiency has been improved across all wavelengths and noise reduction is further increased for improved contrast while maintaining all acquired data.

If you’re looking to make the most of that data, this camera system ensures optimal download speeds from the internal memory bank as opposed to the sensor like most other cameras. Having this feature coupled with variable download speeds guarantees images free from additional noise from the sensor during download along with other defects and artifacts that can arise. The internal memory also allows for the fastest download rates possible, with download rates able to reach even 32 MB/s!

FLI Cooling Options

The ProLine series cameras will never frost at any achievable temperature. Standard models of the FLI ProLine 16803 operate using the air cooling option, which by itself will bring the internal temperature of the sensor down to -55 degrees Celsius. You have the option to choose liquid cooling instead, which has its own benefits and more extreme cooling, but either option is effectively perfect.

Unlike most other cameras that may also reach temperatures at this level, the PL16803 takes a mere 5 minutes to cool to operating temperature! The best cooling time you’ll find in most other cameras at least double amount.

Highlighted Features of the FLI ProLine 16803 Monochrome CCD Camera

  • The ProLine standard window has the highest transmittance available (97% to below 390 nm).
  • Built-in USB hub allows you to connect and power your guide camera, FLI focuser, and/or filter wheel directly from the camera body, eliminating the need for long, cluttered cables.
  • Selectable download speeds to optimize data transfer rates.
  • CCD overscan capability.
  • Electronics and CCD sensor back-filled with medical-grade Argon for the optimal electrical environment.
  • Industry-leading anti-ghosting technology and linearity.


Color or MonoMonochrome
Pixel Array4096 x 4096
Pixel Size9 microns
PS7 to 9 Microns
Sensor Diagonal52.1mm
Sensor TypeCCD
SensorKAF 16803
Warranty1 Year Warranty


  • FLI ProLine 16803 Monochrome CCD Camera Body
  • Integrated 65 mm Mechanical Shutter