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FLI Atlas Digital Focuser for Heavy Payloads


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Product Details

  • FLI Atlas Digital Focuser

    • Achieve critical focus with heavy payloads (up to 25-pounds) with the FLI Atlas Digital Focuser!
    • High TPI precision adjustment screws translate into high positional accuracy.
    • Miniature 105,000-step motor driven by micro-stepping controller with a resolution of 150 nm per step!
    • FLI Atlas Digital Focuser includes Zero Tilt Adapter for no compromises in shift, tilt, or movement.


    Today's sophisticated imaging systems include color filter wheels (asymmetrical weight distribution), off-axis guiders, rotators, corrective optics, and CCD cameras. Together they present a formidable group of equipment that must be moved with micron accuracy and no image shift to achieve the finest results. The FLI Atlas Digital Focuser is up to the task; an engineering marvel with unique solutions to achieving critical focus with heavy loads.


    • Minimum Travel 0.35”
    • Dimensions 7.0” x 7.0”
    • Thickness in Closed Position (Factory Set) 1.26”
    • Weight 3.0 lbs
    • PC Interface USB 2.0
    • Number of Steps 105,000
    • Resolution per Step 0.083 micron
    • Clear Aperture 89 mm
    • Maximum Payload 25.0 lbs
    • Payload at 6" Distance 10.0 lbs
    • Note: Do not overload the Atlas Focuser. Doing so may cause permanent damage to your Atlas Focuser or other equipment.


    FLI Atlas Digital Focuser Features

    • High TPI precision adjustment screws translate into high positional accuracy
    • Miniature stepper motor driven by micro-stepping controller
    • Adjustment screws supported by high-load-rated bearings extend operational life in the most demanding conditions
    • Linear bearings provide torsional rigidity
    • Symmetrical distribution of redundant mechanical components guarantees consistent performance in any orientation
    • Included FLI Zero Tilt Adapter ensures that system performance is not compromised by tilt, movement, or shifting
    • All mechanical components are enclosed and protected from the environment
    • Hidden drive motor (fully enclosed inside of Atlas Digital Focuser)
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