Demo Celestron CGX German Equatorial Mount -UT-11605-SOLD

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  • Very portable and easy to setup
  • 55 lb Payload Capacity
  • GoTo/ Computerized
  • Compatible with SkyPortal and StarSense AutoAlign
  • Downloadable CGX Control Software, co-created with Planewave Instruments



Demo Celestron CGX German Equatorial Mount -UT-11605-SOLD


UT-11605: The Celestron CGX German Equatorial Mount offers an amazing balance between performance and portability. Every inch was designed with ease-of-use in mind.The ergonomic tripod, internal cabling, homing sensors, improved adjustment knobs and carry handles make, this mount incredibly easy to transport and setup. The dual saddle, which accepts both Losmandy and Vixen styles of dovetail bars, increases the range of telescopes that can be attached to the head. With mount and tripod weighing only 63 lb (44 lb. for the head, and 19.2 lb for the tripod), the CGX will accurately track astrophotography equipment weighing up to 55 lb!  

Like most Celestron mounts, the CGX includes the upgraded Nexstar hand controller which has over 40,000 objects in its database and mini USB port for direct PC connectivity. The mount is also completely compatible with SkyPortal WiFi Module and StarSense AutoAlign allowing the mount to be controlled by a computer, smartphone, or tablet and have the ability star align itself.


 OPT Product Number: CE-91530



Accessory Tray IncludedYes
Hand Controller includedCelestron CPC/ Nexstar Computerized
Head DesignEquatorial
Latitude Range3 to 65 degree
Leg LengthAdjustable
Mount ElectronicsComputerized/ GoTo
Objects in Database40000+
Saddle WidthDual V & D
Tracking RatesLunar & Sidereal & Solar
Warranty2 Year Warranty
Weight Capacity55 lbs


  • CGX German Equatorial Mount:
    • Brass Worm Wheel
    • Stainless Steel Worm Gear
    • Internal Cabling
    • 2 Easy Pickup Handles
    • 2 Auxiliary Ports
    • 1 Autoguide Port
  • CGX Tripod with Adjustable 2" Steel Legs
  • Accessory Tray
  • NexStar+ Hand Control
  • DC Power Cable/ cigarette lighter adapter
  • New telescope control PC software
  • 2 Counterweights, 11 lb each
  • 2 Year Warranty





Ask a Question
  • I already own a celestron powertank lithium and a celestron skysync GPS accessory. Can these items be used on the CGX mount?

    Yes the Celestron Lithium Powertank and Skysync GPS will work on the CGX mount.

  • I already own a Celestron SKYSYNC GPS and a Celestron powertank lithium. Do these products work with this mount?

    Yes the Celestron SKYSYNC GPS and a Celestron powertank lithium with work with the CGX mount. 

  • What is the overall height of the mount itself from base to top of the saddle?

    On the CGX mount the height from the bottom of the base to the top of the saddle is 19".

  • How big are the shipping boxes for this mount?

    Here are the weights and dims for the two boxes: 24 x 21 x 15 @ 58# 47 x 13 x 13 @ 52#

  • Can the CGX mount polar align in the daytime using only the sun as a target rather than a single night time "star"? One of the five alignment methods is called "solar system". So again, can it use the sun as a solar system object to polar align? This woul

    The Celestron CGX does not have a built in polar bore so you may need to use the offset polar scope they have developed. However since the north star is not visible during the day a polar scope is of no use regardless. Normally poral alignment is acheived

  • You describe that the mount has re-designed mechanics. Does it mean the mount is refurbished?

    No, this mount has redesigned mechanics compared to the CGE mount it replaced. This listing is for a brand new mount and scope with a full warranty. Any refurbished or used products will be clearly marked as such on the website.

  • What are the diameters of the RA and Dec worm gears?

    Celestron just confirmed that the actual worm diameter is 14mm diameter with 18.5mm depth. The worm wheel gear measurements are in the previous answer.

  • What are the diameters of the RA and Dec worm gears?

    Celestron notes the worm wheel gear at 90mm in diameter for the CGX and 144mm for the CGX-L, but they do not note the specific diameter of the worm itself. They do note that the CGX and CGX-L use the same worm gear for both mounts. Please contact us if

  • Are the RA / DEC worm Gears Aluminum or Brass gears ? Does it have any permanently lubricated ball bearings ?

    According to Celestron: Spring-loaded brass worm wheel and stainless steel worm gear reduce friction and provide optimum gear mesh. The manufacturer does not make any statements as to the bearing type or lubrication.

  • Does the mount come with a counterweight?

    Yes, as in the picture the mount includes 2x 11 lb counterweights. If you need additional weights, you can add more of the CE-94286 weights:

  • Is there any way to store a permanent PEC curve to the mount/controller?

    Yes all Celestron EQ mounts have the ability to do permanent Pec. You can download the Pec Tools program from Celestron's website to program your mount.

  • Does the CGX have an autoguider port?


  • Does this mount have what Orion calls "closed loop electronics," meaning when you disengage the clutches and point manually, the computer's digital setting circles still know where the scope is pointed?

    Unfortunately, no. The CGX does not have closed loop electronics.

  • Does this mount have what Orion calls "closed loop electronics"; when you loosen the clutches, point manually, and then re-engage the clutches/worm gears, does the computer know where you pointed?

    Unfortunately, no. The CGX needs to have the clutches engaged at all times after alignment to maintain position, as the mount does not have a second set of encoders to reference.

  • Hi. I was wondering whether you would ship this to Australia, given this is a second-hand unit and possibly not governed by Celestron's prohibitive sales 'rules'? Best wishes, Matt

    Used items do not fall under dealer shipping restrictions, so we can ship this telescope to Australia and most other countries. Please contact us if you have any questions.

  • What is the diameter of the counterweight bar? Does it take CGEM weights or CGEM DX weights?

    The diameter is 20mm. The CGX takes the same weights as the CGEM and AVX.

  • Will the Celestron C14 fit on the CGX mount? Cost of the CGX without tripod?

    Celestron states that the payload capacity of the CGX is 55 lbs. the weight of a 14" Edge HD is 46 lbs. This should work well just for visual use. If you plan on using this OTA for astrophotography, then bigger mount with a heavier payload is recommend.

  • Does the CGX mount support the Celestron C14 optical tube?

    Good afternoon, the Celestron CGX has a 55 pound capacity and will support the C14.