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Used Televue 5mm Radian Eyepiece - SOLD -

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Accessories Added

  • This is a used eyepiece in excellent condition
  • Long eye relief for comfortable viewing
  • Soft rubber eyecup


Used Televue 5mm Radian Eyepiece - SOLD -

Tele Vue Radian eyepieces. Each of the 1¼" barrel models feature 20mm of eye relief along with a 60 degree apparent field. Using a variant of the original Nagler design, we were able to keep the size and weight down, while achieving the best sharpness, linearity (freedom from pincushion distortion) and ghost suppression over the entire field for any speed (f/#) telescope.

 The Radian eyepiece is designed for optimum viewing whether or not you wear eyeglasses. Our unique new “Instadjust” eyeguard housing allows for full eye relief for eyeglass wearers in the down position. Pulling the housing up will permit click-stop setting of the eyeguard height allowing for an ideal match between your eye and telescope pupils. With this much eye relief available, it is important to learn your own optimum “click stop” position. If you don’t wear eyeglasses, start with the eyeguard housing pulled out all the way.

You can fold the soft rubber eyeguard up or down, whichever is most comfortable for you. You may not see the full field with the eyeguard housing fully extended; just keep “clicking down” until you find the most comfortable position where you still see the entire field (this is much easier to do than to explain how, thank goodness). You will also find that this system minimizes extraneous outside light, giving you the highest contrast for those “faint fuzzies”.

The generous 20mm of eye relief also minimizes eye lens fogging due to eye moisture in cold weather. See reverse side for operation with pupil guide. Following is a table of all Radian focal lengths and their corresponding effective field stop diameters. To determine the true field in degrees for an eyepiece on any given telescope, simply divide the field stop diameter of the eyepiece by the focal length of the telescope (in mm) and multiply the result by 57.3 degrees (a radian).


Eye Relief20mm
Eyepiece TypeLong Eye Relief
Focal Length5mm
ManufacturerTele Vue
Warranty90 Day


  • 5mm Radian eyepiece
  • Caps and original box