Used TPO 6" f/4 Imaging Newtonian Telescope - SOLD -

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  • This is a used scope in excellent condition**
  • Focal Ratio: F/4
  • Highly portable imaging specialized newtonian
  • Lightweight and compact


Used TPO 6" f/4 Imaging Newtonian Telescope - SOLD -

The TPO 6 inch f/4 Imaging Newtonian OTA isn't just an excellent imaging telescope, it's a portable and affordable excellent imaging scope. Like all TPO Imaging Newtonian's, the 6 inch model is an ideal scope for anyone looking to take their first steps from visual astronomy into astro-imaging as a hobby. TPO's 6 inch F/4 Imaging Newtonian operates at a high level and is lightweight enough to be a viable choice with almost any equatorial mount, meaning that you have a wide array of options in terms of mounting and tripod selection. The optics on all TPO Imaging Newtonians consist of a parabolic primary mirror and an elliptical secondary, or diagonal. The mirrors are made from B270 white water optical crown glass, which is more thermally stable than glass traditionally used on other reflectors. A 91% aluminum coating is applied, and then over-coated with a layer of quartz for the ultimate in durability. The primary mirror cell is very sturdy, and has six collimation knobs that can be adjusted by hand with a push or pull of the knob. Collimation is made even easier due to the center spot marked on the primary mirror. The diagonal mirror is held in place with a thin four-vane spider.


Aperture152 mm (6")
ConditionOpen Box
Focal Length610mm
Focal Ratiof/4
Limiting Stellar Magnitude13.4
Optical DesignNewtonian Reflector
OTA Length23"
Warranty90 Day Covered By OPT


  • TPO 6" imaging newtonian optical tube
  • Tube rings and V dovetail
  • 2" extension tube
  • 8X50 finder and bracket
  • ** The tube has a few dents (see photo) that was caused by the supplied ring screws being too long. This does not affect performance. The screws have been replaced with the correct length **


Ask a Question
  • TPO 6" f/4 Imaging Newtonian...Can you describe the collimation push-pull system? Does the mirror collimation assembly use tensioning screws or only screws directly on the back of the plate or mirror blank? Silicon or gaskets used as well?

    Hello Jerry, Thank you for your question. This Newtonian uses both locking screws & push pull screws that are spring loaded. Once you get the primary mirror collimated with the push pull screws, you lock the position in with the smaller locking screws. T

  • TPO 6" f/4 Imaging Newtonian OTA... Can you tell me the size of the secondary mirror? Thanks

    Thanks for your question. The secondary mirror for imaging newtonians is approx 35% of the primary mirrors size. This means the secondary mirror is approx 2.1 inches on the 6"

  • Is there a focal reducer made for this telescope?

    The manufacturer does not make a focal reducer for this scope, though some customers have used the 2" ASA reducer A2-2KORRR, but that reducer runs over 3x what the telescope costs. At f/4, a coma corrector is likely more useful than a reducer.

  • Hi, Can you please check and confirm whether the Orion AccuFocus mounting plate works with this TPO 6" F/4? Thanks.

    Hello, I have checked that the mounting plate will fit on the TPO 6" Focuser and it does.

  • Is the mirror marked for easy laser collimation?

    Hello Todd, Thank you for your question. I pulled one of these telescopes out of the box & it is indeed center marked so collimation will be easy provided that you have a collimator.

  • Hi, what is the shipping weight? And the dimensions of the box it will be shipped in? Thanks.

    Hello John, Thank you for your question. I have placed the dimensions for the shipping weight & box size below. The dimensions are in inches. 25.5" x 16" x 10.5"/ 17 pounds

  • Is this telescope like the a AstroTech version? Thanks!

    Yes, both the TPO and Astro-Tech scopes are made by Guan Sheng Optical (GSO) and are nearly identical. The TPO scope includes a more robust focuser with a steel guide rail to minimize slipping with a bigger camera or eyepiece.

  • Is the included focuser capable of holding a Canon EOS 7D?

    The included focuser with this scope has been improved with the addition of a steel runner that stiffens the focuser tube and prevents it from tilting under heavier loads. As long as the tension screw under the focuser shaft is tightened adequately, the f

  • TPO 6" f/4 Imaging Newtonian OTA... Can I use this as wide field visual scope on my 15lb capacity tripod mount ? Thanks, Karen...

    Hello Karen, The total weight of this telescope is 13 pounds so if you're just using this for visual use. You should be just fine. Since this is a fast optical system, a coma corrector will be necessary to get rid of the coma that this telescope wil