Open Box Baader 14mm Morpheus 76 degree Eyepiece

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Open Box Baader 14mm Morpheus 76 degree Eyepiece

Baader produced the Morpheus 76 degree eyepiece with the goal of a truly immersive and low-cost eyepiece that could be easily accessed by novice astronomers. It is very safe to accuse them of having succeeded in this respect, with the Morpheus eyepieces as a rule outperforming their price class by a notable margin. The term 'Spacewalk' is often bandied about by visual astronomers to describe the viewing experience as being akin to walking through space oneself. It is usually considered exclusively a characteristic of such high price, wide field of view eyepieces as the Nagler series, but the Morpheus can be said to deliver that splendid experience with only a 76-degree field of view. The Morpheus boasts full sharpness to the very edge of the field of view along with a highly comfortable level of eye relief at 18.5mm, two features that combine to enable those luxurious extended viewing sessions.

The Morpheus is equally compatible with both 1.25" and 2" openings and apertures, and has foldable eye-cups for extreme comfort. The Morpheus eyepieces are highly optimized for binoviewing as well, having been designed with convenience and ease of use in conjunction with binoviewers in mind.