AstroTrac TH3010 Tripod/Mount Head w/ Counterweight System -Discontinued

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AstroTrac TH3010 Tripod/Mount Head w/ Counterweight System -Discontinued

The TH3010 Tripod/Mount Head w/ Counterweight System by AstroTrac: 

Machined from superior quality aerospace alloy, the TH3010 Head has a satiny smooth look with excellent, long lasting performance. AstroTrac offers a long wearing and precision product.

This versatile accessory can attach either to a standard camera tripod with a 3/8-inch adapter screw or to your AstroTrac 320 Guider. The top of this smooth moving head will adapt to a wide variety of adapter and dovetail plates, including the most popular Losmandy and Vixen quick release dove tails. Combined with the included stainless steel counterweight bar and two sizes of counterweights, you'll everything you need to keep your system in balance and smoothly tracking your targets.

Not only is it good looking but it's strong as well! The TH3010 head will carry up to 10 times its weight- that's about twenty pounds!- and still maintain its position for precision you can rely on.


OPT Product Number: AT-HDDEAL




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  • If im going to remote places , how should i power this telescope?

    Hello, I would recommend powering your ETX90 with this:

  • Will this support an older Meade etx125 telescope?

    Unfortunately, not. By the time you add a dovetail, finder and eyepiece to the scope, you will have a setup a bit too heavy for this mount.

  • This item is advertised as a "Gear Head" but I don't see any indication that there is a locking clamp and a fine adjustment knob. Can you clarify if this is a pure friction lock head or if there is gearing? Also, the "optional quick release dovetail" is m

    This head is a friction lock system, not a conventional geared head. The "gear" in the head's motion comes from the attached TT320X-AG AstroTrac tracking system. For attachment of a Vixen style mount, you would want to add an OS-DM and a couple of small

  • ASCOM driver?

    The ASCOM driver for the Xagyl filter wheel can be downloaded for free from the manufacturer's website

  • Hi!. I like this with AstroTrac TW3100 Telescope Mounting Wedge, for Bresser 152L refractor Telescope. This is ok? Both components give me result with my telescope?

    The Astrotrac head and wedge are too lightweight to effectively support a 152mm refractor. You would need a substantially heavier equatorial mount in order to prevent slipping and excessive vibration. The Astrotrac itself can carry 33 lbs, but with the EQ