Astro-Physics 6" Eagle Adjustable Folding Pier

  • Highly versatile and portable folding pier
  • Safe Height Range: 24-Inches to 36-inches
  • Safe Diameter Range: 36-inch to 48-inch
  • Pier Weight: 28-pounds


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Astro-Physics 6" Eagle Adjustable Folding Pier

The 6-Inch 'Eagle' adjustable folding pier from Astro-Physics is a versatile and practical piece of superb hardware, perfect for supporting any of Astro-Physics fine mounts. It may be safely and comfortably adjusted in height between 24-inch to 36-inch, and with a base circle of the legs ranging between 36-inch to 48-inch. It folds into a 12-inch thick and 32-inch long form for easy transport and pack-up when not in use, and is relatively lightweight for it's size at only 28-pounds. 


The Eagle isn't just versatile and easy to use; it is tough and durable, and it adapts to the terrain easily. The 'feet' of the tripod can be adjusted to deal with rough terrain, and the legs can be adjusted to different levels to deal with uneven ground; permitting you to keep your mount and thus your telescope steady and flat, even when the terrain isn't!



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  • Astro-Physics 6-Inch Eagle Adjustable Folding Pier