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ASA 4" OK4Z Electric Focuser Unit


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ASA 4" OK4Z Electric Focuser Unit

ASA 4" OK4Z Electric Focuser Unit

The ASA 4" OK4Z Electric Focuser Unit is an electronic digitally controlled 4" focuser which is suitable for larger ASA Astrographs and telescopes. This focuser unit has been designed to handle heavier payloads. This model OK4Z Focuser by ASA incorporates many of the same features in their OK3 model, only it has better performance, a larger 4" aperture, and can handle heavier CCD cameras and optical payloads. It has a focus range of up to 15mm.

This 4" Crayford-type focuser by ASA will handle cameras weighing up to 33.1lbs (15kg). It uses a precision rack and stepper motor with a single-step resolution of 0.85 micron (1micron = one micro-meter, per step). This ASA 4" OK4Z Electric Focuser Unit requires a power source of 9-15VDC and obtains control signals via a USB connection. This focuser weighs only 6.4lbs (2.9kg).

The main photo shows the details of an actual OK4Z, while the accompanying photo shows a side-by-side size comparison between an ASA OK4Z and the smaller OK3Z focuser.

Customer Note: This product is a Special Order item, and it will be shipped from Austria. ASA Products are priced and shipped from Austria. Prices may vary without notice as the currency exchange rate for the EURO and USD fluctuates slightly. Shipping estimates and most current pricing will be provided for you at the time of order.