Warren Keller Tutorial Sale!
Warren Keller Tutorial Sale!

Warren Keller Tutorial Sale!

Tutorials will do a mind good and Warren Keller's are just the right sort of brain food to help you edit stunning astrophotographs in no time!  His signature short video segments are easy to watch because they break down long and often overwhelming processes into very reasonable chunks. Warren's laid back style makes even the most difficult image processing concepts easy to understand. Whether you're a seasoned imager that needs a refresher course and refinement on your techniques, or a novice that needs a helping hand - these tutorials are for every astrophotographer!

Right now you can get an amazing deal on these videos when you purchase a CCD camera from OPT.  Automatically receive 30% off a Superdisk, PixInsight or Soup2Nuts tutorial when you purchase any CCD camera!  If you're buying a camera over $2000 in value, you'll recieve the Superdisk for free!  Simply add them to your cart and the discount will be taken at check out.

Available in three different versions, each has been tailored to specific processing software programs.  Add the tutorial of your choice to your cart now and start shopping for the CCD camera of your choice. 

SuperDisk - Photoshop Foundations Tutorials:

This tutorial set lays the groundwork for editing.  A comprehensive total 51 videos will walk you through all of the basics and sets the stage for more advanced photo editing in Adobe Photoshop.  An MSB AstroArt bonus is included as well.

Soup2Nuts - Maxim DL & AstroArt Preprocessing Tutorials:

The follow up to the Superdisk, includes the highly popular Maxim DL processing tutorial set and AstroArt. 

PixInsight Tutorials - Part 1:

The latest set of tutorials from Warren Keller, made in collaboration with Rogelio Bernal Andreo.  A complete introduction to PixInsight. 

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