Used Telescope Conditions

Open Box - Open Box products are new and will include all original accessories and packaging unless otherwise noted. The box will have been opened, of course, by either a customer or our staff. Product may have been displayed at a show, or removed from the box for inspection. The manufacturer's warranty will go into effect on the date you purchase an Open Box item unless noted.

Like New - Like New items are very similar to Open Box items in their condition. We make the distinction here because this equipment may have been used a few times and you may not get all the original packaging. "Like New" condition products will carry a 90 day OPT warranty.

Excellent - Equipment that is in Excellent condition will be a slight step below Like New. You can usually tell that the item has been used due to very minor external markings, but the product works fine. Most used equipment OPT takes in falls into this category. "Excellent" condition products will carry a 90 day OPT warranty.

Good - Equipment that is in Good condition will typically show moderate signs of wear. Moderate signs of wear may include numerous minor external markings or possibly one major mark or flaw. OPT will attempt to disclose all imperfections that are considered major. "Good" condition equipment will carry a 90 day OPT warranty.