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Used Telescopes and Accessories

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Whether you’re an armchair astronomer or a seasoned stargazer, our Used Telescopes shop makes it easy to save money without sacrificing quality. This selection goes far beyond telescopes — you’ll likely find mounts, filters, cables, autoguiders, cameras, tripods, and more in our used inventory. You can also increase the technical capabilities of your telescope rig with antennas, autoguiders, control units, and other pieces of gear.

Why buy used? The obvious answer is budget. When you search for used telescopes for sale, you can make your budget work harder by purchasing a more powerful or outfitted telescope for the same price as a less powerful one.

There’s one primary concern when purchasing something used: quality. At OPT, we have over seven decades of experience in inspecting, buying, and selling used telescopes. Our skilled technicians test every single piece of used astronomy equipment for full functionality to ensure you’re getting a great piece of gear.

Telescopes already have an advantage over other used products like automobiles, which naturally depreciate over time due to wear and tear and ample opportunity for abuse. Telescopes naturally lend themselves to staying in better condition throughout their ownership, and many remain in like-new condition for many years with only minor maintenance. As a result, you can pick up mint reflectors, refractors, used astrophotography equipment, filters, and more for significant savings, many of which are Open Box deals (packages that were opened but never used).

r entire rig from case to telescope. If you’re unsure whether one of our used items could serve your needs, our sales team is here to help. We offer expert, floor-level assistance on all used products and can guide you on issues like compatibility, upgrading, and how different pieces of gear enable different types of astronomy.

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In recent years, amateur astronomers have been able to capture images of the cosmos that give the Hubble Space Telescope a run for its money. For most people, that means making sure your hard-earned dollars are going toward high-end gear at the best price possible. Enjoy browsing our carefully selected used telescopes and gear!