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Optical Tube Assemblies

When it comes to upgrading, adding to, or designing your own telescope system, a few options give you more flexibility than an optical tube assembly (OTA). At OPT, we carry a comprehensive selection of OTAs to help you complement your existing system or fully customize the astro-rig of your dreams. You may want to gain a new field of view or upgrade your aperture and optics. No matter what your goals are, our OTAs from trusted brands like Celestron, Lunt Solar, Meade, Orion, and others are everything you need.

Among our bestselling optical assemblies are Schmidt-Cassegrains like the Celestron C6-A-XLT. This unit has a 6-inch aperture and features StarBright XLT coatings on all its optical surfaces. If you’re already using any of the CG-5 series, it comes equipped with the same dovetail mounting bar to ensure compatibility.

Alternately, the PlanetWave CDK 17” offers a higher-budget assembly that significantly exceeds the capabilities of most other designs. This Corrected Dall-Kirkham features a fused silica mirror that keeps RMS spot sizes smaller than a single pixel at the edge of the frame. It eliminates the problems of coma, field curvature, and off-axis astigmatism. This flat-field OTA telescope features a lens group, an ellipsoidal primary mirror, and a spherical secondary mirror to give you all the power you need to take your astronomy and astrophotography to the next level.

Choose from telescope tubes with many different designs:

Optical tube assemblies are perfect for astronomers and astrophotographers who want to create their own devices and hone in on specific capabilities. Our Sales Team is here to answer any questions and help you achieve that goal on budget and without hassle.


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What does OTA stand for?

OTA stands for Optical Tube Assembly. This type of configuration is a standalone tube without an attached mount or tripod, which allows for highly configurable and customizable systems. Usually, people buy OTAs to add to an existing system or to help achieve a certain customized goal.