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ZWO ASIair Wi-Fi Camera Controller

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ZWO ASIair Wi-Fi Camera Controller


ASiair Quick Guide


The ASIair Wi-Fi Camera Controller is a smart Wi-Fi device that allows you to control all ASI USB 3.0 cameras, ASI Mini series cameras, and an equatorial mount. With this device, you can plate solve, autoguide, sequence, and capture deep space images with your phone or tablet!

Key Features:

Preview & Focus In Real Time

Independent Autoguiding & Imaging

If you want to autoguide with a portable imaging setup, it used to mean that you had to bring along a laptop. Often with multiple programs installed for image capture and autogiding. The ASIair was designed to handle both autoguiding and image capture at the same time. Now you can control everything from a single smartphone or tablet.

ASIair App

The ASIair app is available for both iOS and Android products. As long as you have a charge, you'll now be able to control your entire astro-imaging setup from anywhere.

 OS Version  Phone Tablet/iPad
iOS 9.0 & up iPhone 6 series/ 7 series/ 8 series/ X iPad/ iPad Pro
Android 5.0 & up All Android Phones Tablet with Android OS.

The ASIair App also speaks with the SkySarfari apps. You can now plate solve in the ASIair app and sync the mount's position in SkySarfari!



SkySafari Plus

SkySafari Plus

SkySafari Pro

SkySafari Pro

ASIair Interface

USB 2.0 Ports
The ASIair has four USB 2.0 Ports that allows you control up to four devices including a German Equatorial Mount.

Micro SD Card Port
The ASIair has one micro SD card port for running the operating system. A 32gb card with the OS pre-installed comes standard and has 25gb free for storing images.

5V DC Port
ASIair needs 5V@2.5A external power supply that connects via a micro USB port. Included with the ASIair is 12V-5V DC Converter which allows you connect to any 12v power supply or powertank.

Supported Devices

ZWO ASIair Supported Devices

The ASIair will work with all ZWO Pro, Cooled, USB 3.0 and Mini cameras. The standard USB2.0 ASI 120 cameras are not compatible with this device. We recommend that you look into the ASI 120 Mini as an alternative guider or the ASI 120 Superspeed cameras for planetary imaging. ASIair will work with any equatorial mount supported by INDI.


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United States

Fun and useful

I received my ASIAIR device three weeks ago and right from the start I was a bit troubled. As indicated in the manual, the Wi-Fi device is set for 5G Wi-Fi networks by default and this caused me some problems. None of my devices are 5G enabled, fortunately the solution was simple. On the SD card exist a simple text file that when modified will allow the ASIAIR to boot up in 2.4G Wi-Fi mode. Like I said, simple fix but that is because I knew what to look for. Instructions for changing this script file were not included in the manual and that could lead to some serious frustrations. Outside of this minor complication, I love not having to rely on numerous cables strung everywhere!

Ron Kramer

Great for beginners

I got one of these and the more advanced Stellarmate too. I LOVE THEM BOTH and gave both 5 stars. This one would have been 4 stars because it doesn't have auto focus but I know that it coming in the next update and the hardware will be in a few weeks too. This unit is more for the hobbyist and wants to control his scope from a distance. The software is proprietary and very good. Both brands have pretty weak wifi power. So my soltuion was to use a old network extender I had laying around and I connect the AsiAir to it.... then I get a range of about 300 ft. (Vs about 80 ft max without it). If you need it to go through walls (into the house) take another 10 ft off per wall. With the extender I get 300 ft AND I'm in the house. It is BRILLIANT. I use it on my portable AVX mount and SV80mm scope and it has the best plate solving I've ever seen. I have 50,000. into my observatory and I can't plate solve nearly this fast. I mean we're talking 2-4 seconds. I polar align somewhat - then skip 2 star alignment and do a plate solve and I'm good on my goto's the rest of the night. I could recommend some things that would make it better, but I've also see the list of things things they're adding to it in soon to come updates and most of my wants are on that list. UPDATE the firmware and you've got new features.

Matt J.
United States


We had a chance to use the ASIAIR for the first time last night. First impressions was that the user interface was very easily understood and navigated. The software immediately picked the main and guide cameras which are both ZWO. Focusing was easy with zoom window and a mask. The issues came in with plate solving and guiding. Plate solving was unsuccessful, the software just kept giving us errors. Guiding also was not accurate and trailing even shorter exp. looking forward to keep learning and working with this device because I think has promise.

United States


Outstanding unit

Dr K.
United States

very very good = excellent

very very good = excellent