Celestron 8" Newtonian Advanced VX Telescope

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  • Celestron 8" Newtonian Advanced VX Telescope

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    • 8" Newtonian Advanced VX Reflector Telescope
    • Parabolic Primary Mirror 
    • Uninterrupted views across the meridian
    • Can be used between 7 and 77 degrees latitude
    • NexStar+ hand controller/ multiple language programming
    • 2 Year Warranty!

    Celestron 8" Newtonian Advanced VX Telescope


    Product Highlights: 

    • Celestron's 8" (200mm) Newtonian optical tube assembly, with its f/5 optical design, gives excellent wide field views.
    • The 8" Newtonian's parabolic primary mirror minimizes spherical aberration to produce a better image.
    • Integer gear ratios and permanently programmable Periodic Error Correction on the Celestron Advanced VX mount eliminates recurring track errors from the worm gear.
    • The motors of the VX mount offer improved tracking performance & provide more power to overcome load imbalances.
    • The updated industrial design of the Advanced VX offers more rigidity, less flexure, and improved aesthetics.
    • The Celestron VX design allows viewing or imaging across the meridian without interference from the motors housings.
    • The Advanced VX mount can be used between 7 and 77 degrees latitude, incorporating a much larger latitudinal range than normally seen on equatorial mounts.
    • The improved electronics on the Advanced VX contain increased memory for future expansion!
    • A Celestron NexStar+ hand control offers multiple language programming (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish)


    The Advanced VX equatorial mount from Celestron was engineered from the ground up with astro-imaging in mind and sets a new standard in mid-level telescopes on the market today. The Celestron Advanced VX provides you with many of the features found on sophisticated German equatorial mounts, at an extremely affordable price.

    The Celestron Advanced VX equatorial mount is specifically designed to provide optimum imaging performance for telescopes that weigh thirty (30) pounds or less. With the Advanced VX, you'll be able to track through long exposures using permanently programmable periodic error correction, or image across the meridian without doing a meridian flip, so you can seamlessly image the best part of night sky. You can also enjoy features like All-Star Polar Alignment and auto guider support. The Advanced VX has a significantly larger base than Celestron's CG5 mount, improving stability under heavy loads. The motors have also been improved. They now offer more torque and can more easily handle slight load imbalances.

    Experienced imagers will love taking this portable mount to a dark sky site, knowing that they can experience much of the performance of their larger stationary mount. New amateur astronomers will also benefit greatly from the advanced features of the Celestron VX mount. They can rest easy knowing the mount which they have chosen will serve them for a long time to come, whether they wish to do visual or imaging work - or a combination of the two.

    About the Optical Tube Assembly...

    The 8" Newtonian OTA offers up a wide field of view with a focal ratio of f/5. With 200mm of light-gathering capability, you can travel out of the solar system and into deep-space, but because of the more economical optics as opposed to a Schmidt-Cassegrain or other catadioptric design, this telescope will cost you a lot less. This reflecting telescope system, with its classic parabolic aluminized primary mirror, is a great way to enter the hobby, and if you decide you want something a bit bigger or of a different optical design, you can simply swap one OTA for another. Since the VX mount can handle up to 30 pounds, you'll have a lot of options.



      Aperture203.2 mm (8")
      Camera/Eyepiece Connection2" to 24 tpi
      Dawes Limit0.57 arcseconds
      Drive TypeLow cog DC servo motors
      Focal Length2032 mm
      Focal Ratiof/10
      Free ShippingYes
      Head DesignGerman Equatorial
      Hightest Magnification406.4x
      Instrument Capacity30 lbs
      Latitude Range7 to 77 Degrees
      Light Gathering Power843x
      Limiting Magnitude15.3
      Mount Head Weight17lbs
      Optical DesignSCT
      PortsAutoguide Port
      PortsHand Controller
      PortsUSB 2.0
      Power Consumption12V DC 3.5A
      Secondary Obstruction64mm
      Slew Speed4 Degrees Per Second
      Telescope ConnectionVixen Style
      Total Weight47 lbs
      Tracking ModesEQ North
      Tracking ModesEQ South
      Tracking RatesLunar
      Tracking RatesSidereal
      Tracking RatesSolar
      Tripod Weight18 lbs
      Tube Diameter226mm
      Tube Length432mm
      Tube Weight12.5 lbs
      Warranty2 Year Warranty
      • 8" Newtonian Reflector OTA
      • VX Advanced Mount
      • Tripod: Adjustable, 2" Stainless Steel Legs
      • 1 Eyepiece, 20mm Plossl
      • Finderscope: 9x50 Optical
      • Counterweight Bar: 12" Length, 0.75" Diameter lbs. (5.44 kg)
      • 2 Counterweights, 11 lb each
      • DC Power Cord/ Cigarette Lighter Adapter
      • NexStar+ Hand Controller with a Database of 40,000+ objects
      • Internal Clock?: Yes
      • 2 Year Warranty 

      Questions & Answers

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      • Where would one find a zero-profile T-adapter for this particular telescope?

        If you are not using a coma corrector, just unscrew the top part of the 1.25" eyepiece adapter and you will have T-threads at the bottom. If you use something like an MPCC, yoe do not need a seperate T-adapter as the coma corrector has T-threads at the en