Top Astronomy Events of 2021

February 2021

If you missed the Jupiter and Saturn conjunction, you have another chance to catch a planetary conjunction on Feb. 11th when Venus and Jupiter will be at their closest this year!

Grab your gear or enjoy without a telescope!

April 2021

The first big meteor shower of the year, the Lyrids shower, will peak on the night of April 21st to morning of April 22nd. The Moon will be 68% full so it might be hard to catch meteors. If you wake up during the time the Moon has set you will be able to catch some then!

May 2021

Our next big astronomy event is on May 26th which is a total lunar eclipse visible for Australia, parts of the western US, western South America, and South-East Asia.

For those curious, this eclipse is also known as the Blood Moon because the Moon will turn a bright orange-red that is created by light waves from the Sun bouncing off the Earth’s edges.

June 2021

We have another eclipse in June but this time its an annular solar eclipse. Which will be viewable from Canada, Greenland, and Russia on June 10th. Save the date!

For those curious, an annular solar eclipse is when a circle of the Sun’s light—or a “ring of fire”—surrounds the Moon’s shadow creating a bright outer ring and dark center.

August 2021

As far as planetary oppositions go Saturn’s is on August 2nd and Jupiter’s is on August 20th.

Another exciting event in August is the Perseids meteor shower that peaks on the night of the 11th into the morning of the 12th. Which falls right next to a New Moon and will make them seem extra bright!

December 2021

Following that is the annual Geminids Meteor shower that peaks this year on the night of December 13th to morning of December 14th.

Usually this meteor shower is the brightest and most active of the year, but this year it might be harder to see meteors because of the Waxing Gibbous Moon. If you find a dark sky site just after midnight, with some patience and clear skies, you can observe or image this popular meteor shower.

Which event are you most excited about? If there are any events we missed, comment them below so we can all inform people around the world!

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top astronomy events 2021

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