Meet the OPTeam: Mack Murdoc (@mackmurdoc)

Meet the OPTeam! Mack Murdoc, @mackmurdoc on Instagram, shares the inspiring moment that got him started in astrophotography and a few of his favorite images. Learn more about his journey here!

His amazing light painting photos and deep space images have inspired people all over the world to get started in the hobby. With his latest book out "Secrets From The Stars," Mack's goal is to teach and inspire the hearts of many to have fun, be creative, and not forget to once in a while...lookup.

See his inspiring work here:

“Meet the OPTeam!” is a series brought to you exclusively by OPT Telescopes. Get to know some of the photographers behind the stunning, and sometimes viral, astrophotos on sites like Instagram and Reddit.

The OPTeam has inspired many photographers worldwide of all levels or no experience to either start the hobby or follow their journey. Get to know your favorite astrophotographer or meet someone new and be inspired to explore the stars.

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