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Advice for Getting Your Astro Photos Published

Have you ever wondered what it takes to get your astrophotos into major distribution outlets? What makes a high-quality astronomy image? In this episode, Dustin and Tony talk with some of the best astro imagers in the world: Rogelio Bernal Andreo, Bray Falls, and Chuck Ayoub and get their advice. Listen to their stories and learn from the best.

Timestamps for Advice for Getting Your Astronomy Images Published 

2:55 – What makes being published so exciting for the community

3:30 – Question to the speakers: What is the experience like to have your image published?

4:30 – Chuck's journey in the hobby and influence in the community

7:50 – Bray's awesome astro content and connecting with his audience on how his images come to be

11:30 – Rogelio’s journey in the hobby and becoming a published author and imager

16:10 – Getting an APOD, what the experience has been like for Rogelio & Chuck

19:55 – Type of equipment being used by APOD rewarded images

22:26 – APOD as an outreach tool

23:55 – Different ways to get your images published (other than APOD)

26:50 – What should astronomers do to get their images published?

34:50 – Characteristics of a good image

47:50 – What is more important: The equipment you use or post-processing?

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