Travis Burke, Nat Geo Cover Photographer

Travis Burke

Purpose: Dustin and Tony discuss the life and projects of outdoor adventure photography and Travis Burke’s recent ventures into astrophotography.

Travis Burke:A world-renowned and published photographer whose images have been displayed all across the internet and on the cover of several magazines, notably National Geographic. Even if you never heard of him, chances are you’ve seen his work.

This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • The tale of Travis Burke
  • How to get started in photography and astrophotography
  • The story behind the iconic Blood Super Moon photo
  • Equipment setups for astrophotography
  • What objects to look for
  • How to create your own incredible images

Notable Quotes:

It [photography] made me really slow down and appreciate moments more… and soak it all in to try and capture the feeling and experience.” - Travis Burke

“That challenge is so great, and the reward even greater [in astrophotography].”

“People think this is photoshopped. No, this is planned.”

“Part of the adventure for me is finding these more hidden gems.”

Main Topics:

14:01 –The Blood Super Moon, by Travis Burke

The image that stole the eye of social media. Travis Burke talks about his iconic Blood Super Moon and the story behind it.

27:09 – Astrophotography Setups: Expert Insights

Guest Travis and Host Dustin relate the setups they use whenever doing astrophotography and talk about the ups and downs of each setup. Listen in for a deep dive on DSLR and CCD cameras, refracting and reflecting telescopes, and other general advice on getting set up under the night sky.

Travis Gear Van

34:24 –Beginning Astrophotography: Where to Look First

The Ring Nebula, Andromeda Galaxy, and the Orion Nebula are excellent and easy targets for new astrophotographers. These cosmic bodies are easy to find and really pop off the screen once found.

40:03 –How to Make Time-Lapses Like a Pro

Travis gives advice on making time-lapses easily and looking like an expert. Fun fact: it’s easier than you think.

44:18 –Getting into Night Photography and Astrophotography

We have dozens and dozens of gorgeous locations in the world for photography, most of which are empty in the dark. By avoiding the hustle and bustle of the daily visitors we can experience the tranquil beauty of the night. Often a hidden gem for night photography and astrophotography is hiding in plain sight but neglected in favor of the sunset. Some secret spots as well are best not being shared in order to preserve the ecosystem.

57:52 –Conclusion and What’s Next

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