The Next Generation of Amateur Astronomers

Arelius Mitty and Griffin Haisman are two young amateurs just getting started in our exciting hobby! Listen in to learn more about how they got started and what they find challenging about the hobby.

Having first met on Clear Skies Network, Mitty and Haisman have worked closely with Dustin, producing some incredible images. Check out Mitty's and Haisman's work below!

Arelius Mitty Dumbbell Nebula

The Dumbbell Nebula as captured by Arelius Mitty

To see more of their incredible work, check them out on Instagram. You can follow Arelius, @aemyttyastro and Griffin at @arcturusastro.

Rosette Nebula Griffin Haisman

NGC 2244, the Rosette Nebula, as captured by Griffin Haisman

Time Stamps for Meet the Next Generation of Amateur Astronomers Episode

2:10 - How Mitty got started in astronomy

6:30 - Transitioning from visual astronomy to astrophotography

11:40 - Clear Skies Network

12:28 - Project with Wiliam Rossi - another young astronomer

15:04 - How Haisman got started in the hobby

23:46 - Recent images by Mitty and Haisman

26:18 - The most challenging part of getting in the hobby so far

31:20 -HDR: High Dynamic Range shooting

33:07 - Mastering PixInsight by Rogelio Bernal Andreo

34:35 - What was intimidating about the hobby when you first got started?

39:04 - Processing images - not all data is processed the same

41:11 - What is next in the hobby for Mitty & Haisman

45:20 - Astronomy - a hobby or career?

At what age did you get started in astronomy? Let us know in the comments below!

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