The End of 2020 [A Look Back on the Year]

Join Dustin from OPT Telescopes and Tony from DeepAstronomy in this episode of Space Junk Podcast as they look back on 2020 and discuss the memorable events in the astronomy community.

Timestamps for The End of 2020 Episode

2:54 - How much the hobby grew in one year

3:45 - The exciting challenge of astrophotography and the astro community

6:10 - The explosion of the hobby while being safe at home

8:13 -Amateur astronomy today

12:02 - Did people turn to astronomy because of the pandemic?

14:56 -Looking through a telescope for the first time

15:36 - Heated seats & the value of astronomy gear

19:25 -Looking back in 2020 and what stood out the most

29:45 -Radian 61 launch

31:41 - Live streaming

33:35 - Being a science communicator during 2020

36:05 - Work worth doing

39:12 - Working full-time as a live streamer

43:06 -The book, The Meaning of Human Existence, and achieving what you want in life

46:29 - The value of time

52:43 - Cool space events of 2020

54:58 - Looking forward to 2021

56:55 - Can you find moving space junk with a telescope?

1:00:12 -OPT University

1:00:49 - Celebrating New Year's Eve in the states

1:04:30 - Tony’s new 20-inch Dobsonian

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