Streaming the Skies with TagBackTV!!

What happens when astrophotography meets gaming? A new wave of people who find passion in the night sky! TagBackTV took a chance at sharing his love for astrophotography with his community of over 925k people, and the result was - they wanted to see more! Thanks to the incredible support he has received from his community, TagBackTV has continued to take more steps into the astrophotography journey and talks more about what it has been like for him on this episode of Space Junk Podcast.

About TagBackTV

TagBackTV is a well-known gaming streamer on YouTube, where he shares daily gaming videos, offers tips & tricks, and live streams. Some games that are currently streamed are Animal Crossing New Horizons, Red Dead Redemption 2, Pokemon, and more. Part of the more has become astrophotography related. TagBackTV streams his detailed image processing and locking in on targets for his community to see and more.

tagbacktv milky way photo
“We Descended 2,000 Feet down into Death Valley at 2:30AM, made a quick stop on a pullover at the edge of a cliff overlooking the valley @sideshowashley Graciously climbed the nearby ledge for this 30 Second Exposure." Via Twitter @tagbacktv

Timestamps for Streaming the Skies with TagBackTV

2:10 - TagBackTV intro and getting started with astrophotography

4:48 - The crossover of photography and video games

7:00 - Video game graphics becoming indistinguishable from reality in our lifetime

8:40 - What the segway from streaming games was like to streaming astrophotography

12:10 - The impact of light pollution on seeing the night sky

17:21 - Curing light pollution

20:00 - TagBackTV’s journey in the hobby

22:25 - TagBackTV advice for those wanting to get started in the hobby

24:00 - Why motivating people to get started in astrophotography from watching streams is a challenge

26:47 - TagBackTV’s equipment

28:11 - The awesome support TagBackTV has received from his community

30:25 - General advice for those wanting to get started in the hobby

32:15 - What is possible with astrophotography image processing software like IDL

37:35 - Watch TagBackTV to see his detailed image process and tips

42:35 - What is the plan for TagBackTV moving forward?

46:53 - The biggest obstacle for TagBackTV in astrophotography so far

51:50 - OPT University, your source for free astrophotography resources

55:55 - The value of streaming for the community

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