JWST Delays, NASA Going to Venus, and Jeff Bezos in Space!


It's no surprise, but JWST will be delayed again.  Now we're looking at a November (at the earliest) 2021 launch thanks to problems with the Ariane 5 rocket.  NASA has selected two missions to go to Venus and Jeff Bezos will get into his own rocket.

Timestamps for Episode 102 on Space Junk Podcast

1:25 ‚Äď Highlights of this episode¬†¬†

1:57¬†‚ÄstJWST delays due to mechanical issues and the new launch date¬†¬†

5:11 ‚Äď NASA¬†going to Venus¬†to investigate if Venus ever had an ocean and more!¬†

8:16 ‚Äď Billionaires going to space !/?

What are your thoughts on billionaires going to space? Let us know in the comments below.   

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