Astronomy, Art, and Morality: a Discussion with Ginny St. Lawrence of OPT

Purpose: Our hosts are joined by Ginny St. Lawrence to discuss the intersections of art, astronomy, and morality, along with the future innovations inevitable in the astronomical industry. We ponder the big questions and bring up some new ones, finding what truly binds humanity across the generations and what lies in store.

Ginny St. Lawrence: Co-Owner of OPT Telescopes and lifelong artist, Ginny St. Lawrence has traveled across the United States and conquered the professional realm of fitness. She is a prime example of how to succeed and one to watch as the astronomy industry keeps growing.

This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • A more personal perspective on our hosts
  • The connection of humanity to the cosmos throughout time
  • Why it’s important to respectfully engage with those you don’t agree with
  • How to innovate the next big thing in astronomy

Notable Quotes:

“A lot of the art that exists today, could not be done without science. The more one progresses, the more the other is able to." - Dustin Gibson

“Many questions of morality wouldn’t exist without science providing them.” - Ginny St. Lawrence

“You can only meet people as deeply as they’ve met themselves.” - Ginny St. Lawrence

Main Topics:

7:18 -Astronomy as inspiration and connection

One of the greatest connections to our past is the night sky. Early humans were looking at the same sky as we are now, the only difference being technology. Be it art, philosophy, religion, or other, the night sky has been a catalyst for contemplation, creation, and even conflict. But no matter what the role played by the sky, it has been the one constant and almost unchanging stage for human imagination.

18:37 -Artistry and Astronomy - A Natural Connection

What binds these both together is inevitably a philosophical connection. Pondering the possibilities of the universe comes by looking to the stars. Why are we here? What are we doing on Earth? What other life is out there? We can’t help but ask ourselves these questions when we really dig deep into our cosmic backyard, looking for the little treasures our universe has left for us.

28:44 -The Role of Science Communicators

Best not to be too one-sided, because it can be extremely easy to put people off from science by making simple slip-ups. Even professionals can become aggressive in pushing their perspectives, inevitably creating enemies and eliminating the chance of meaningful discussion; instead, a collected and calm analysis and response to any perspective are ideal. Above all, we must never attack one another’s beliefs or character.

41:02 -What is Your Cosmic Question?

When we truly peer into the deep sky, what do we think about? What does it mean to us, personally? Dustin, Ginny, and Tony share what inspires wonder within themselves, and what core philosophies come to the surface when facing the infinite.

48:58 -Innovating the Next Big Thing

Should this exist? Is it possible for this to exist? Yes? Okay, let’s get to work. This is how Dustin, Ginny, and OPT as a whole operate within the industry. Having the privilege of wide-range communications across the field of astronomy, Dustin and Ginny are allowed the opportunity to tap into the lifeline of what’s needed and wanted. Pipedream or not, when it’s put on paper we can better visualize and realize the potential impact of that idea.

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